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Monday, 16 March 2015

More Steam

As the title suggests, this post 16th March 2015, is dominated by pics of steam locomotives, a reflection of the Gala season which is rapidly picking up momentum.


First up today are five shots from Jeff Nicholls. His first four are from the recent Llangollen 'Steam, Steel and Stars IV' Gala held over two weekends in March. First is a shot from Llangollen Station of Charles Collett's ex GWR 0-6-0 tender locomotive, No.3205, of the '2251' class (aka 'Collett Goods'). Built from 1946 the class eventually numbered 120 with No.3205 the only surviving member. The shot was taken on 6th March 2015.

Jeff's second pic is of the same locomotive No.3205 approaching Carrog with ex BR 'Standard' class '9F', 2-10-0, No.92214 Central Star in the background. The date was the same, 6th March 2015.

A third pick from the Llangollen Railway, by Jeff, shows 0-4-2T push/pull locomotive, No.1450, at Glyndyfrdwy on the same date. The loco, partially framed by a bridge, was photographed from a GWR toad brake van while Jeff was riding on a demonstration freight working. The date - 6th March 2015.

Jeff's final pic from Llangollen, features No.1450 at Glyndwfrdwy again, on the same date, but this time on a passenger service.

A fifth shot from Jeff shows double heading DRS class 66s, 66422 and 66303 on the Tesco's containers, through Winwick on 22nd February 2015.

Colin Platt is up next with five more Llangollen shots. His first features a 'push and pull' service with Collett '14xx' class 0-4-2T No.1450 sandwiched between two auto coaches near Carrog. The date was 7th March 2015.

Also on the same date Colin photographed the 0-6-0 tender locomotive No.3205 (see above) near Carrog on a passenger service. 

The third shot from Colin shows ex GWR '42xx' class 2-8-0T, No.4270, travelling light engine towards Carrog and startling some sheep at the same time. The Churchward heavy freight tank became part of Jeremy Hosking's team of locos in 2003 and was restored on the GWR (Gloucester Warwickshire Railway). For more info on this loco see The Railway Magazine issue No.428. The pic is dated 6th March 2015.

Another pic of Colin's was taken at Llangollen Station on the same date. Pictured by the road bridge are 'West Country' class 4-6-2 of Oliver Bulleid, No.34092 Wells (originally City of Wells), and the ex BR Standard class '9F' described above (No.92214).

The fifth shot from Colin shows the class '9F' No.92214 Central Star again, travelling light engine towards Carrog on the same date. 

Bevan Price has sent in the next two shots. His first was taken at Crewe on 6th March 2015. Pictured is Chiltern Railways Mainline class 68, 68013 with a working of empty flats, Basford Hall - Daventry. 

Colas Rail class 66, 66849 Wylam Dilly is up next from Bevan, crossing the swing bridge at Preston Riverside on the Ribble Steam Railway. The class 66 is on the tail of the train with class 14, D9539 up front. The pic is dated 7th March 2015.

The next two pics are residual examples from David Quayle's  visit to the K&WVR, spotlighted in the previous post. Both were taken on the Haworth Loop. Pictured are the USA Transportation Company's 'S160' class 2-8-0 No.5820 and ex L&NWR 0-6-2 'coal tank' No.1054.  The pic is dated 28th February 2015. 

Taken on the same date was David's second pic - 'coal tank' No.1054 again, but pictured light engine.

Last but not least, is Alan Rigby's shot of East Midlands class 158, 158865 at Liverpool South Parkway on 6th February 2015.

As I publish this post more pics are arriving by email. Keep them coming in but in a controlled way, please.

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