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Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Three Different Classes

This last June post (30th June 2010) is made up of pics of three different locomotive classes, all taken at Winwick; all three classes have been seen previously on our blog.

A flask carrying spent nuclear fuel hauled by double heading DRS class 37s, 37608 and 37423 - this first pic is from Alan Rigby and was taken on 24th June 2010. The working was southbound, Sellafield - Crewe.

Jeff Nicholls' shot is of class 92, 92009 Elgar, heading the Tesco container working, northbound, through the morning mist, on 29th June 2010.

A class 50 locomotive, 50031 Hood, was the subject of the 23rd June post. The locomotive was shown, working north on the tail of Virgin passenger stock. Also in the pic, but barely visible, at the head of the train was class 50, 50049 Defiance. Our third pic shows 50049 (ex D449) heading the train, northbound with 50031 (ex D431) on the tail. Both locomotives are liveried in BR blue with large logo. The pic is from Andy Appleton and it is dated 19th September 2006.

Monday, 28 June 2010

Light Engines

As a slight divergence from normal blog subjects, and to be more inclusive, I am using three light engine pics in this post (28th June 2010).

The first is from Andy Appleton, taken on 6th August 2007. Class 31, 31459 Cerberus is shown, southbound, at Winwick. This locomotive has been described and photographed in previous posts, (9th February and 21st March) topping or tailing NR test trains.

Jeff Nicholls' pic of class 47, 47851/D1648 Traction Magazine was taken at Bank Quay Station on 3rd September 2005. This locomotive has also been included in a previous post - 4th March.

The third and final pic is one taken by myself on 26th March 2010. The class 70, 70006, was travelling northbound through Winwick. This locomotive, and others in the class, have been seen quite regularly this year in the general Winwick area; 70006 was featured in 24th May and 21st February posts and described in the 8th March post.

Sunday, 27 June 2010

More Border Raider

Two more pics today (27th June 2010) of 'The Border Raider' railtour that ran last Thursday 24th June 2010 - see previous post for full details.

The first pic is the morning shot taken by Geoff Monks as the railtour left Bank Quay Station to head north through Winwick.

The second pic is from Alan Rigby taken in the evening, working south through Winwick.

Now, to change the subject, a third pic taken on 19th May 2010, is the first on the blog of a class 08, diesel shunter. Jeff Nicholls' pic is of an Arpley Yard regular, 08879. The gadgets on the back of the cab, above the windows, may be something to do with remote control according to the photographer. Does anyone know for sure? - comments please below.

Friday, 25 June 2010

The Border Raider

The pics in today's post (25th June 2010) are of the A1 Steam Locomotive Trust's class A1 'Pacific', 60163, Tornado.

The new-build stormed through Winwick twice yesterday, 24th June 2010, at the head of 'The Border Raider' railtour which ran Euston - Crewe- Carlisle and return. The Euston - Crewe leg and return were diesel hauled with A. H. Peppercorn's 4-6-2 given the job of conquering Shap on the Crewe-Carlisle leg, and an easier return over the S&C. It was on the latter stage that the train got held up by up to 90minutes.

I have already received a few pics of yesterday's railtour; two are shown here, others are 'banked' for future use. The first is the evening shot, through Winwick, from Geoff Monks showing the train in 'glinting' style.

The second pic, taken in equally fine sunshine, features the morning train and is from Jeff Nicholls.

I'm not sure why the info given on the UK Steam Info website - which clearly stated that Stanier 'Pacific' 6233 Duchess of Sutherland was to haul the evening, return leg from Carlisle to Crewe - was wrong. Or was it? Anyone with information - use the comments box below.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Class 50

For this post (23rd June 2010) I am introducing a pic of a class 50 locomotive, a class which has not featured previously on our blog. Also included is a pic of the popular 'logs' freight working with an unfamiliar locomotive at the head, and a third pic of double-heading class 37s.

Andy Appleton contributed the class 50 pic showing locomotive 50031, (ex D431) Hood, on the tail of Virgin passenger stock, northbound, through Winwick on 19th September 2006. At the head and just in view is class 50, 50049 - look out for this loco in a future post. A cracking shot of historical interest, Andy. The 50, class 50 locomotives were constructed just down the road from Winwick, as English Electric Type 4s at the Vulcan Foundry, Earlestown, between 1967-68. They were originally numbered D400-449 and were built to haul, often double-headed, passenger traffic from Crewe to Glasgow / Edinburgh prior to electrification of this section of the WCML in 1973. In February 1974, D431 was renumbered 50031 and in 1978 the locomotive was named Hood - she was withdrawn for service in August 1991 and is now preserved.
Andy's second shot is of double-heading DRS class 37s, 37038 and 37069, working acid (?) tanks, northbound, through Winwick on the same day, 19th September 2006, about 40minutes after the class 50 had passed through.
The third and final pic is by Alan Rigby. Recently, photographers have associated the ~5pm logs working with a class 57 or a class 66 locomotive. However Alan's shot, also taken in 2006, features a class 92, 92012, Thomas Hardy on the working, southbound, to the Kronospan mill at Chirk.

All three of these pictures prove how more interesting the traffic was in 2006, compared to the present time.

Monday, 21 June 2010

A Class 31 and two Class 92s

For this post (21st June 2010) I am using two different photographs of the same class 31 locomotive - one by John Smith and the other by Andy Appleton.
The class 31 Brush Type 2 diesels were built at Loughborough by Brush Traction with the prototype D5500 outshopped in October 1957. By 1959 the British Railways' first production batch of locomotives had been completed. Under the numerical classification the locomotives with original engines were placed in class 30 with re-engined examples in class 31. A total of 263 locos had entered service by 1962.

John Smith's light engine version of class 31 31190/D5613 (top) was taken at Winwick (BR green; route learner) on 8th June 2007.

Andy Appleton's example, (pic number two),  of 31190, also taken at Winwick, but in maroon livery and named Gryphon, is shown heading a yellow Test Train - this pic was taken on 21st August 2006.

The class 92 pics (from Winwick) are from Geoff Monks and myself and show the only two, EWS (DBS) liveried locomotives in this class. 92001, Victor Hugo, is from Geoff; the loco is heading an intermodal container working on 17th June 2010.

The same working but with a different locomotive - 92031, The Institute of Logistics and Transport - is the subject of my pic. This pic was taken on 26th May 2010. Of particular note are the empty wagons on both trains and the different ambient lighting conditions which have resulted in contrasting photographs.

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Four Different Locomotive Classes

For this and all subsequent posts I am dropping the sub-heading of 'Along Other Lines'. From now on, because our blog contributors regularly use the areas in close proximity to the Winwick main line for their photographs, these areas will now be fully included in 'Along Winwick Lines'.
To this end the four pics today (19th June 2010) were taken at Red Bank, Bank Quay and Arpley Yard, all close to Winwick

Pics one and two are both from Andy Appleton and were taken at Bank Quay Station. The first, taken on 2nd September 2004, features Corus silver-liveried class 60, 60006 Scunthorpe Ironmaster, heading empty bogie bolster wagons. I think this is the first Corus-liveried locomotive on our blog.
The second pic shows EWS class 67, 67004 in close-up, in a bay at the same station; this pic is dated 15th April 2004.
The Red Bank pic is from David Wood. Fastline class 66, 66434, is pictured heading empty timber wagons, northbound, under the bridge on 16th June 2010.
The final pic is from Jeff Nicholls. EWS (DBS) class 92, 92036 Bertolt Brecht, (with an 'e' missing) is shown in Arpley Yard. The pic was taken on 12th February 2010.

Thursday, 17 June 2010

A Class 45 and a Class 55

Bob McClellan and Jeff Nicholls provide the two pics for today's post (17th June 2010).

Bob's pic is of class 45, 45112 Royal Army Ordnance Corps, at Winwick, hauling an engineer's saloon around the northwest on 7th September 2004. The locomotive was built at Crewe in 1962 and withdrawn from service on 7th May 1987. She is preserved at the Barrow Hill Roundhouse.
The pic showing class 55, 55022 Royal Scots Grey, was taken on 24th May 2010 at Winwick; the locomotive was travelling south from the East Lancs Railway to Arpley Yard to pick up some passenger coaches.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Class 47s and a Class 37

Alan Rigby and Jeff Nicholls have supplied the pics for this post (15th June 2010) and both pics are of particular interest.

Both of Alan's pics are of the same train. The first shows the leading locomotive - a class 47, 47714, in Anglia livery - heading a DVT, a First Great Western liveried coach followed by unbranded Virgin livery stock. On the tail, and the subject of Alan's second shot, is class 47, 47818, in One livery from East Anglia. One livery was changed in 2007 to National Express East Anglia. What an interesting train, which was photographed on 29th April 2006.
Jeffs pic is the first vignetted example on the blog but I don't know the details of how it was taken. EWS (DBS) class 37, 37401, is pictured heading cargo vans northbound. The pic is dated 5th August 2009 and it was taken from the Hospital side of the line before the balustrade fencing was erected.

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Along Other Lines (25) - Warrington hub

Warrington, just south of Winwick, is the hub of the area's railway system including the WCML, Arpley Yard, Bank Quay Station, Bank Quay low level line and various sidings and loops. Todays post, 13th June 2010, comprises four photographs, take by different contributors around these locations.

Pic number one was taken by Chris Sutcliffe on a filthy day at Bank Quay Station on 23rd March 2010. An Arriva liveried class 57, 57316 is heading two chocolate & cream, translator* coaches and some Royal Mail class 325 emus.

The second pic is from Alan Rigby and shows the Bank Quay low level line - this pic is dated 13th June 2008. EWS class 60, 60018 is featured heading a loaded coal train for Fiddlers Ferry Power Station.

The same line was the location for Ken Young's photograph (number three) of EWS (DBS) class 66, 66161, on the 'cartic' (car transporter) working. Ken's pic was taken towards the end of May 2010.

The final pic is from Jeff Nicholls and features another EWS (DBS)class 60, 60029, on a Liverpool Docks - Fiddlers Ferry coal working, heading towards Walton Yard to loop round. The pic is dated 28th February 2008.

* Translator coaches are used to allow rolling stock of different coupling types to couple up; often locomotives and dmus/emus.

Friday, 11 June 2010


I am trying something a little different for today's post (11th June 2010).

Some people love them, others hate them, but 'glinters' always provide subjects for friendly banter. These pics are normally taken in winter, when conditions are favourable - a low sun reflecting from the side of a locomotive/train, overhead wires and track. The result is a gleaming subject, often monochromatic, set against strongly highlighted areas and a darker background.
I have been amazed at the sheer numbers and quality of contributions to the blog, to date. However, I am equally surprised about the lack of 'glinters' - maybe this indicates that few of the Winwick faithful are interested in them. Comments please in the box below.

I have taken a few 'glinters' over the past year or so; the two on show here were both taken along the southbound track, between Old Alder Lane Bridge and Winwick Quay. The first features EWS (DBS) class 66, 66097, on a Blackburn - Arpley cargo vans working, on 22nd December 2009.

Pic number two was taken on 11th February 2010 and shows a Pendolino unit - Voyagers and Pendolinos are excellent subjects for this genre of railway photography.

Thursday, 10 June 2010


Following fast on the heels of yesterday's post, this 10th June 2010 equivalent is focused on a single, fully operational class 87 locomotive. To date, Alan Rigby is the blog's most regular contributor and following receipt of his photograph of 87019, ACoRP Association of Community Rail Partnerships I realised that this was one of the first pair of class 87s exported to Bulgaria in 2006 (see the 26th May post for more details).

The locomotive was part of a class of 36 built between 1973 and 1975 by BREL (British Rail Engineering Ltd) for use on the newly electrified WCML. From 1978-2005 the locomotive was named Sir Winston Churchill before acquiring the above ACoRP name until 2006. The locomotive was exported as 87019-6 to Bulgaria (with 87012 as 87012-1) in December 2006. In Alan's pic the locomotive is heading three, class 325 Royal Mail units, each of 4-cars. The first unit is 325 002, Royal Mail North West. The sixteen, class 325 emu's were built in 1995-96 and numbered 325 001 - 325 017.

Alan's pic is dated 29th April 2006, therefore this working must have been one of the last for 87019 in the UK.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Along Other Lines (24) - In and Around Arpley

Arpley Yard in Warrington, just down the mainline from Winwick, is the focus for today's post (9th June 2010).

The first pic is from Ken Young and features a class 37, 37xxx, starting up and throwing out a fog of 'clag' - a railwayman is climbing into the cab (or is he leaving it?).

Alan Rigby took the second pic on 6th March 2008. EWS class 60, 60094, is shown heading loaded coal hoppers on the loop line past the yard, a favourite location for photographers.
Ken Young also took the third pic in this post - GBRf class 66, 66701 Whitemoor, passes Arpley with a loaded gypsum train. Both of Ken's pics have no dates but they were definitely taken towards the end of May, 2010.
For new viewers to the blog, a single, left click of the mouse on any photograph will enlarge it instantly.

Monday, 7 June 2010

Along Other Lines (23) - More of 6233

We are seeing quite a lot of Stanier 'Pacific' 6233 Duchess of Sutherland in our area lately and today's post (7th June 2010) comprises two more 'Black Duchess' pics taken only a couple of days ago - Saturday 5th June 2010. 'The Fylde Coast Express' railtour ran Sheffield-Derby-Crewe- Preston-Blackpool North and return with this famous loco, dressed in her current Ivatt black livery, at the head.

Pic number one, taken by Geoff Monks, features the railtour taken from a unique position at Froghall Lane, close to Bank Quay Station. The famous local skyline is also a feature.

The second pic is from John Smith who preferred the more rural Golborne location, just up the main line from Winwick.

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Test Train Class 67s

The weather has been superb for late spring/early summer this year and this is reflected in the number and quality of pics that are being sent in to me. However, for this post (6th June 2010), I am taking you back to 2006. Alan Rigby took many pics in that year and three are included today.


Alan's first pic is of EWS class 67, 67029, heading a Network Rail Test Train on 13th October 2006. Class 67, 67005 Queen's Messenger, is on the tail.

Pic number two features Cotswold Rail class 47, 47817 John Peel, heading passenger stock of, mainly, Virgin origin. The pic is dated 17th March 2006.

The final pic from Alan shows a class 158 dmu, 158842, taken on 29th April 2006; the advertising vinyls for 'The Western Mail' show up well along the side. This is the first pic of a dmu on our blog (I think) and few 158s are seen at Winwick these days.

Friday, 4 June 2010

Along Other Lines (22) - Red Bank & Bank Quay

This post (4th June 2010) is dedicated to the Spitfire Railtours 'The Prisoner' charter that passed through Winwick on 29th May 2010. Class 37s were used for the tour which worked Preston - Pwhelli - Preston.

Cory Wilcock took the first pic at Red Bank showing the charter headed by three class 37s, 37685 and 37706 of the WCRC and 37218 of DRS.
Cory's dad, Chris Wilcock took the second shot, a nightshot, taken at Bank Quay of the same returning charter - 37706 leading. This is the first night shot on the blog and one to savour.
If anyone is interested in model railways, the Train and Toy Collectors Fair is on again this weekend at Haydock Park .... Sunday 6th June from 10.30am.

Thursday, 3 June 2010

'Silver Bullets'

For this first June post (3rd June 2010) I am adding pics from three regulars, Alan Rigby, Jeff Nicholls and David Wood.

Alan's pic shows EWS class 37, 37422 Cardiff Canton heading a mixed freight working comprising china clay tanks at the head of cargo vans. The china clay tanks are affectionately known as 'silver bullets' to railway enthusiasts. The pic was taken on 16th July 2008.

The pic from Jeff shows EWS (DBS) class 66, 66103, working a northbound freight (acid tanks?) train on the down slow line. It is common to see dmu's on this line travelling north but not so for a freight train. The pic was taken on 7th May 2010.

The third pic, from David, features a Freightliner class 66, 66511, heading coal hoppers, southbound, on 26th May 2010.

Tomorrow's post will feature our first night shot on the blog.... don't miss it. And don't miss the 'Black Duchess' (Crewe - Blackpool - Derby) through Winwick again on Saturday - check for times in the UK steam info link at the right hand side of the blog.