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Friday, 30 September 2011

'Sheds', 'Skips' and a 92

Before I begin this post,  I hope that you noticed the late change in the previous post. I swapped a pic of Ken Young's (pic number four) for another of his. I had used the first one in a previous post and didn't realise it until this morning. Today's post 30th September 2011 features pics from five different contributors and, once again, reflects the superb support that we get from our Winwick enthusiasts.

The first shot is from Jeff Nicholls. Pictured is EWS (DBS) class 66, 66161, on a car transporter working crossing the Mersey towards Arpley.The date was 27th September 2011.

Next up is a shot from John Smith. I am receiving many pics of Arriva Trains' liveried class 67, 67003, at the present time, as it appears to be hanging around our patch for a while on driver training exercises.This one shows the loco at Red Bank hauling two empty container flats for repair Arpley - Wigan. The date was 28th September 2011.

David Wood has sent in the next pic, number three. EWS (DBS) Class 92, 92041 Vaughan Williams, is shown on the china clay working through Red Bank, on 28th September 2011.

I have sent in pic number four, taken at Winwick on 23rd September 2011. EWS (DBS) class 67, 67002, is pictured heading a UK Railtours 'Special'. This was photographed on the first day of the railtour 'The West Highlander' speeding from Crewe to Penrith, on its way to Scotland.

The final pic, number five, is from Ken Young. I have put together a montage of two of his pics to show GBRf class 66, 66725 Sunderland, on a gypsum working, in more detail. The location was the low level line under Bank Quay and the date, 29th March 2011.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Consist of Seven

A very unusual consist is included in today's post, 27th September 2011, from Bevan Price. Also included are shots from three other contributors.

First up is a light engine consist of seven 'sheds', yes seven, passing through Winwick, northbound, on an Arpley - Carlise working. The pic, from Bevan Price was taken on 23rd September 2011. Five had come from Bescot; the other two were added at Arpley. The locomotives are EWS (DBS) 66182, 66004 and 66084; DBS red liveried 66101, EWS (DBS) 66154, 66075 and 66232.

Pic number two is from Jeff Nicholls. Featured is Freightliner 'PowerHaul' class 70, 70005, on an Ellesmere Port - Fiddlers Ferry Power Station loaded coal working. The location was close to Sankey Bridges and the date, 21st September 2011.

David Wood has sent in shot number three of a class 67 ('skip') in new Arriva Trains Wales livery, as yet, unbranded. The loco is light engine 67003 and it is pictured passing through Winwick, northbound, on 22nd September 2011. The working was a driver training exercise from Arpley to Heaton in Manchester.

The fourth and final shot in this post is from Ken Young. Ken hasn't posted for a while so it's good to see him back. Featured is GBRf class 66, 66715 Valour, on a gypsum working through Red Bank on 19th April 2011.

Friday, 23 September 2011

3 x 92s, a 59 and a DMU

Todays post, 23rd September 2011, comprises five pics covering four different locomotives and an old DMU.

First up are pics of class 92 locomotives; pic number one is from Jeff Nicholls. Depicted is a pair of DBS red liveried locos 92042 and 92016. The location was Arpley Yard and the date, 13th September 2011.

The second pic featuring a class 92 is from Alan Rigby. EWS (DBS) loco 92003, Beethoven, is shown on the afternoon Mossend - Hams Hall intermodal working, through Winwick on 14th September 2011.

Pic number three is a second from Jeff Nicholls. Photographed in portrait or vertical format it features EWS (DBS) class 59, 59204 Vale of Glamorgan heading a loaded coal train, working towards Arpley. Bottom right is the ground signal informing the driver which route he is set for; in this case, 'US'. The pic is dated 21st September 2011.

The fourth shot, from David Wood, is another of 59204, as in pic number three, above. In this pic the loco is heading a loaded coal working for Fiddlers Ferry Power Station through Earlestown Station on 15th September 2011.

Bob McClellan has sent in shot number five. The Test Train, Iris II, a converted class 101 DMU from 1991, was known as BR class 960, Lab 19-Iris II. The latter was displayed on the unit's destination board, as in Bob's picture. She acquired several liveries during her service; Railtrack blue and lime green livery is shown in Bob's pic of 13th June 2003. In 2004 she was repainted in Network Rail yellow  and re-classified as class 901. She was finally retired in 2007 and is now preserved.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Four + Two

In today's post, 21st september 2011, I am using five pics from different photographers showing three locomotive classes - four class 70s, a class 66 and a class 60.

Shot number one is from Jeff Nicholls. This is a vertical shot which few contributors try, but which can have more impact in the right circumstances. Freightliner 'PowerHaul' class 70, 70010, is pictured at Littons Mill Crossing with a Fiddlers Ferry Power Station (FFPS) - Ellesmere Port working. The train comprised empty coal hoppers and the date was 13th September 2011.

Next up is a pic from Alan Rigby. Freightliner 'PowerHaul' class 70, 70002, is shown heading coal empties on a Basford Hall - Liverpool Bulk Terminal (LBT) working, to return loaded coal from LBT to Ratcliffe Power Station. The pic is dated 14th September 2011.

David Wood has sent in pic number three. Another Freightliner 'PowerHaul' class 70 is depicted, 70005, working empty coal hoppers from FFPS through Red Bank, on 15th September 2011.

Pic number four features a locomotive from the same class but double headed with a class 66. 70002 and 66522 (Freightliner/Shanks livery) are depicted on a Carlisle - Mountsorrel engineers' (empty ballast) working, approaching the River Mersey near Arpley. The pic, from John Smith, is dated 9th August 2011.

The final pic is from Bob McClellan. EWS class 60, 60016 Rail Magazine, is shown (before its renumbering to 60500) heading blue aggregate hoppers on the approach to Winwick Junction. The date was 17th July 2003.

Monday, 19 September 2011

Six 'Sheds'

They are the most common sight on 'our patch' and the railway wouldn't be the same without them. Photographers, however, prefer other less common classes on which to focus. Six ubiquitous class 66 locomotives or 'sheds', comprise today's post, 19th September 2011; five different pics are used featuring six locomotives.

First up are a couple of shots from John Smith. Pic number one shows a Colas liveried class 66, 66850, on the popular Carlisle - Chirk logs working. The location was Winwick junction and the date, 22nd August 2011.

John's second shot is of a Carlisle - Crewe engineers working (mainly rails). Double heading EWS (DBS) class 66s, 66110 and 66111 are shown at Winwick on the same day, 22nd August 2011.

Pic number three is from Jeff Nicholls. The Euston - Buxton 'Limestone Cowboy' railtour of 'Pathfinder Tours' is featured headed by EWS (DBS) class 66, 66121. The pic is dated 20th August 2011.

Pic number four is from myself and shows DRS class 66, 66433, passing southbound under the Winwick gantry on an intermodal working (commonly known as the 'Malcolm') on 29th July 2011.

The final pic is from David Wood. Pictured is probably the same container intermodal as shown in my shot above, but on a different date. DRS class 66, 66426 is the locomotive, 13th September 2011 is the date and Winwick is the location.

Friday, 16 September 2011

Red 'Tug' 60011

'Tug' 11, in DBS red livery, appears to be quite popular with our Winwick group at the moment as reflected in today's post, 16th September 2011. I have chosen three pics from three contributors and there are more to come in future posts.

First up is a pic from Jeff Nicholls. DBS red class 60, 60011, is shown dragging empty coal hoppers out of Walton Yard  The date was 13th September 2011.

The next pic is from David Wood. The same loco is pictured heading coal empties for Liverpool Bulk Terminal (LBT) passing northbound, through Winwick, on the same date.

Pic number three is from Alan Rigby. In Alan's shot, taken on the following day 14th September 2011, the same loco is shown heading loaded coal hoppers on a LBT - Fiddlers Ferry Power Station (FFPS) working. The location was the Ferry Inn Crossing.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Five Photos, Eleven Locos

Today's post, 13th September 2011,  is a bumper post for locos as eleven are shown in just two different locations. Five photographers have each contributed one pic.

Pic number one is from David Wood. EWS class 37, 37422 Cardiff Canton is pictured passing through Bank Quay, heading cargo vans. The pic is dated 1st January 2006.

 The second pic shows three class 37s hauled by a class 67. EWS (DBS) class 67, 67008, is shown towing 37417, 37411 Caerphilly Castle/Castell Caerffili and 37416, all in different liveries, and empty ballast wagons, on an Eastleigh - Carlisle working. According to Bevan "DRS are intending to refurbish some ex DBS (EWS) class 37s using parts from others Those stripped for spares will presumably then make a final journey to oblivion".  The location was Winwick and the date, 25th August 2011.

Bob McClellan has sent in pic number three. An EWS class 60, 60030, is shown heading a couple of track machines and empty ballast wagons through Winwick on 11th June 2003.

Next up is a shot from Geoff Monks showing the newly painted, DBS liveried class 92, 92016, on the Rugby - Mossend 'Tesco Express', northbound, through Winwick on 10th September 2011.

The fifth shot is from myself and features Stobart liveried class 92, 92017 Bart the Engine, on the Hams Hall-bound, afternoon intermodal working. The location was Winwick and the date, 9th September 2011. Treble heading class EWS (DBS) 66s are stopped at the lights - the nearest one is 66040. These three bring the total to eleven locos in this post.

Friday, 9 September 2011

Seven Different Classes

9th September 2011 is the first time I am using, in a single post, seven different pics from six contributors showing seven different classes; just to prove we get more than 'sheds' (class 66s) through Winwick.

In numerical order of class numbers, the first pic shows two class 33s, from John Smith. The working was Sandbach - Sellafield loaded acid tanks and the date, 2nd April 2004. The loco at the head is DRS 'minimodal' branded class 33, 33030 and the loco on the tail is DRS class 33, 33025. The location was Winwick Junction.

The second pic is of a class 37 from Bob McClellan. EWS class 37, 37707, is shown at Winwick on 13th June 2003 heading wagons for repair, on an Arpley - Allerton working.

Next is a class 47. This pic is from Jeff Nicholls showing BR blue liveried (small logo) class 47, 47270 Swift, heading three empty stock coaches, including two Pullmans. The working was Carnforth - Tyseley and the date, 19th August 2011. This loco is privately owned and stabled on the Nene Valley Railway since 2007.

The third pic, from John Smith, features a class 59. John took the pic of EWS (DBS) class 59, 59205 L Keith McNair, at Winwick Junction on 22nd August 2011. The working was Liverpool Bulk Terminal (LBT) - Fiddlers Ferry Power Station (FFPS) loaded coal.

A class 60 is next, taken by David Wood at Winwick on 9th June 2011. Another coal working, the loco is EWS (DBS) class 60, 60040 The Territorial Army Centenary, and the bridge is our Old Alder Lane Bridge.

Next up is the ubiquitous class 66. Geoff Monks has sent in the shot taken at the approach to Arpley Grid Iron South Junction (between the Latchford and Walton run-rounds). The loco was Freightliner class 66, 66524 and the working, FFPS - Killoch empty coal hoppers.

The sixth and final shot features a class 70 pic from myself. The engineers ballast train was headed by Freightliner 'PowerHaul' class 70, 70011, through Winwick on 14th January 2011.

We have another blog centurian - Geoff Monks. Congratulations to Geoff on becoming the third contributor to have posted 100 photographs. John Smith and Jeff Nicholls were the previous blog centurians.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Three 'Sparks' and a 56

Todays post, 6th Spetember 2011, features four pics from two photographers, Bob McClellan and Geoff Monks; three electric locos and a class 56 are pictured.

Bob hasn't sent anything in for a while so it's great to see him back. His first shot is of the DBS red liveried class 92, 92016, on the 'Tesco Express'.  The working was northbound, through Red Bank, on 3rd September 2011.

The next two shots are both from Geoff. His first, pic number two, shows EWS class 90, 90028, on a northbound Christmas Mail extra service, through Winwick, on  13th December 2007.

Geoff's second shot, pic number three, shows Freightliner class 86, 86605, heading a short-lived afternoon container train, southbound, through Winwick. The pic is dated 5th October 2007.

The final shot in this post is another from Bob. This one features class 56, 56133, at Dollys Bridge, Winwick Lane, Lowton on 12th May 2003. The working was Knowsley - Immingham empty cargo vans.

I have received a request from Christian Branch for any information/pics about the WCML through Winwick in the 1980's. He wants to build a model of the line in the near future. If you can help Christian please get in touch with him - his email address is I am sure that some of you may be able to help him, so please email him.

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Five class 37s

Looking carefully through the 'bank' of pics sent in recently, I have found four showing class 37 locomotives and I have decided to use them all in todays post, 4th September 2011.

Three of them are from John Smith and the other from Jeff Nicholls. The first of John's depicts two DRS class 37s, 37607 and 37604, with a yellow Network Rail (NR) measurements coach sandwiched between them. The location was between the Ferry Inn and Sankey Bridges and the date, 6th July 2011. A different pic of this working has appeared previously on our blog.

John's second shot shows DRS class 37, 37610 T.S. (Ted) Cassady 14.5.61 - 6.4.08, working engineers HQA ballast hoppers through Red Bank. This pic is dated 24th August 2011.

Jeff Nicholls has sent in pic number three. West Coast Railway Company (WCRC) class 37, 37706, is shown working empty passenger stock, southbound from Carnforth, near Twelve Arches at Warrington. The date was 14th June 2011.

The fourth pic is another from John Smith taken on 4th August 2011. DRS class 37, 37409 Lord Hinton, is pictured at Earlestown station with the NR Inspection Saloon, No.975025, Caroline. This working has also appeared, as a different pic, in a previous post.

The English Electric (EE) Type 3 or class 37 locomotives were built between 1961 and 1966 by EE at Vulcan Foundry and RSH (Robert Stephenson & Hawthorns) which became part of EE, in 1955; 309 locos were built.

Friday, 2 September 2011

A Class 86 and Three Class 57s

Today's post, 2nd Sptember 2011, comprises shots of a class 86 and three class 57 locos, sent in by three contributors.

The first two pics are both of the same working; Geoff Monks's shot is first. Pictured is the blue class 86, 86259 Les Ross, on the Euston - Preston leg of the 'Cathedrals Express' railtour. The date was August 25th 2011, and the location, Froghall Lane, Warrington.

John Smith has sent in the second pic showing the same working, but taken at Red Bank.

The loco 86259 has a chequered history. Built at BR Doncaster Works in 1966 as one of 100 class AL6 locos, she enterd service as E3137. She was renumbered under the TOPS scheme as 86045 and later, after rebuilding as a class 86/2, as 86259. She received the name Peter Pan in 1979 and in 1995 was renamed Greater Manchester Life and Soul of Britain. She was renamed again in 2002 as Les Ross, a Birmingham-based disc jockey, apparently. She was withdrawn from service a year later. Loco 86259 is currently owned, in preservation, by the AC Locomotive Group and sports the 'BR electric blue' livery.

Pics three, four and five all depict class 57 locos. The first, shot number three, is from David Wood. Virgin class 57, 57302 Thunderbirds Virgil Tracy, is shown light engine, passing through Earlestown station, on 13th July 2011.

Another Virgin class 57 is the focus of Geoff Monks's shot, pic number four. 573xx, another of the Thunderbirds series, is shown on a Manchester Piccadilly - Holyhead working on April 8th 2006. The location was Winwick and the direction, southbound.

The fifth and final pic is a second from David Wood. DRS Class 57, 57011, is shown passing northbound, through Winwick, heading three freshly painted . The date was 17th June 2011.