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Saturday, 30 June 2018

Poland re-visited

Today's post, 30 June 2018, includes pics from Jeff Nicholls' recent visit to Poland and another six from closer to home, from Geoff Monks.


First up are 12  pics from Jeff Nicholls, taken in Poland. This pic shows EP07 383 on station pilot duties at Poznan. Pic is dated 26 June 2018.

Eu07 238 is similarly based on the above, but with different gearing. The pic was taken at a Railway Day in a town called Miedzyrzecz. Pic is dated 23 June 2018.

MR4080 is an Arriva Trains DMU.  Strange to see the familiar livery in Poland.  Pic is dated 23 June 2018.

OL49 59 is in steam in Wolsztyn depot on 25 June 2018, in readiness for the following day.

The two OL49s were doing a parallel run with empty stock and loads of smoke on 22 June 2018.

The pic shows the same OL49 locos as in the pic above, idle in Wolsztyn Station.  The loco on the extreme right is derelict but has a few oily rags lit up in the smoke box. Pic is dated 22 June 2018.

OL49 69 leaves Stefanowo with a steam special on 24 June 2018.

OL49 69 again on the main line between Nowy Tomsyl and Zbaszyn photographed from another steam special running in parallel with it.  Pic dated 24 June 2018.

This modern unit was pictured at Gorzow Wielkopolska with an empty stock working passing a signal box of superb design. Pic is dated 23 June 2018.

Diesels SM42 1093 (l) and SM42 1293 (r) were photographed in PKP Cargo livery inside the old steam warehouse at Leszno, on 21 and 23 June respectively.

The 2-8-2 tank, Tk48 143, was pictured at Wolsztyn depot on 22 June 2018, where it is preserved, but not in working order.

The final six images are from Geoff Monks. DRS class 66, 66303, was working a Mountsorrel - Crewe ballast train at Millmeece, on 22 May 2018.

DB class 66, 66027, was heading a 'fresh air' intermodal from Trafford Park to London Gateway on 23 May 2018. The location was Hatton Mill.

GBRf class 66, 66779 Evening Star, is shown on the Norton Bridge avoiding line, on 23 May 2018. The working was a Toton - Crewe departmental.

Freightliner class 86s - 86608 and 86639 - are depicted on a Felixstow to Trafford Park intermodal; at the  same location as above and on the same date.

GBRf class 66, 66750 Bristol Panel Signal Box,  is featured on a Gloucester - Clitheroe (Castle Cement) working at Winwick, on 28 May 2018. ** Note the 4-wheel wagons.

GBRf class 66, 66766,  is pictured on a late-running Clitheroe Castle Cement) - Avonmouth (Hanson's Siding) working at Winwick on 11th June 2018.

And now, a very sad but important announcement. Because the number of contributors is just a small fraction of the 50+ that regularly sent in pics to me in the past, (we have been blogging together since January 2010) I must admit that the blog, in its present form, has run its course. Therefore,  I will no longer be accepting contributions for AWL but will leave the blog as you find  it today; I will not close it down. I hope that one or more of our contributors, past or present, will take over. If so, please get in touch and arrange a meeting. Thank you to everyone who has supported AWL by contributing or viewing, or championing us far and wide.   

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