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Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Return of Flying Scotsman

It's made the main news lately on TV, radio and in the press, and in this post 19th January 2016, Flying Scotsman takes the headline again. Several years after gracing the main line, following extensive repairs and massive expense, fostering hostile opposition, it graces the main line again. The post comprises 24 shots from seven contributors.The snow is also a pleasing addition to many of the shots.


The first seven pics are from Alan Rigby. Number one features double heading DBS class 90s working Dollands Moor - Irvine china clay tanks. The locos were 90020 Collingwood and 90039, the location was Winwick and the date, 6th January 2016.

Next from Alan is EWS (DBS) class 66, 66112 on a Dowlow - Brigg Sidings working, taken at Lostock Gralam on 11th January 2016.

Alan's third shot shows Freightliner class 66, 66514 at Greenbank on 11th January 2016. The working was a Runcorn Folly Lane - Brindle Heath empty 'binliner'.

Next  is GBRf class 66, 66717 Good Old Boy working LBT- Drax PS biomass. The location was Winwick and the date, 6th January 2016.

EWS (DBS) 'skip' 67008 is pictured at Winwick on a Wakefield - Wigan Wallgate route learner, in Alan's fifth shot. The location was again Winwick, on the same date, 6th January 2016.

The same loco is pictured at Wigan Wallgate in Alan's next pic. 67008 is shown leaving the station for Wakefield Kirkgate on 8th January 2016.

Alan's seventh and final pic features GBRf double headers class 59, 59003 Yeoman Highlander and class 66, 66714 Cromer Lifeboat,  The pair are working Tuebrook - Crewe through Winwick on 6th January 2016.

David Quayle has sent in the following four pics and account. The first two above, were taken at Heywood on 16th January 2016. They both show ex LNER, class 'A1'/'A3' 4-6-2 Flying Scotsman of Nigel Gresley, sporting wartime black livery and three of her historic numbers, 502, 103, and 60103. The German-style smoke deflectors however, David adds, would not have been fitted in wartime, but in 1961. The loco is also fitted with the headboard "The Flying Scotsman" - the name of the prestigious LNER express often headed by the loco of the same name.

David's third shot, a retrospective example, features the locomotive at Carlisle in 1966, liveried in LNER 'Apple Green' and numbered 4472. Her 'blinkers' had been removed by Alan Peglar three years previously and the nameplate is clearly visible.

The final shot from David  was taken at the NRM, York on 9th January 2016. Pictured are two very famous front ends of an 'A4' and a 'Duchess'.

The 'Flying Scotsman' theme continues from Jeff Nicholls and his son James - the latter's first contribution (of many, I hope) to the blog.  First up is a shot of the loco at Heywood on 10th January 2016, from Jeff.

Jeff's second shot shows Flying Scotsman double heading with Stanier 'Black V' 4-6-0, No. 45407 The Lancashire Fusilier, heading a passenger service at Irwell Vale, on the same date.

James Nicholls' shot of the same service was taken at the same location, on the same date.

Ieuan Wood has sent in the next four shots. His first depicts GBRf class 66, 66765 with a Liverpool biomass terminal - Drax PS working at Whiston on 15th January 2016.

Ieuan's second shot shows GBRf class 66, 66717 Good Old Boy on a Liverpool biomass terminal - Drax working, at the end of the station at Lostock Gralam on 11th January 2016.

Taken at Acton Bridge on 11th January 2016, pic number three from Ieuan shows DBS class 92, 92044 Couperin on a Dagenham - Garston car transporter working.

GBRf class 59, 59003 Yeoman Highlander is the subject of Ieuan's fourth shot taken at Whiston on 15th January 2016. The working was LBT - Bank Quay driver training.

The next four shots are from David Wood. First up is Flying Scotsman again, this one taken at Burrs with a passenger service on 17th January 2016. Class 31 diesel, 31466, is behind No.60103. 

David's next shot is of the ex LMS Hughes/Fowler 2-6-0 'Crab' No.13065 (BR No.42765) at Burrs on the same date, 17th January 2016.

Number three from David is the ex SR 'West Country' class 4-6-2 of Oliver Bullied, No.34092 Wells, running as City of Wells.  The location was Bury and the date, 17th January 2016.

David's fourth pic shows Freightliner class 66, 66555 on a Folly Lane - Brindle Heath working at Lostock Gralam. The pic is dated 11th January 2016.

Bevan Price has sent in our last two entries for the post. His first shows the Hughes/Fowler 'Crab' No.13065 at Ramsbottom, on 17th January 2016.

Fittingly, No 502, 103 or 60103, Flying Scotsman completes our post, with the icon photographed at Ramsbottom on 17th January 2016; a second shot from Bevan. The diesel behind 60103, in EWS livery is class 31, 31466.


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Tuesday, 5 January 2016

First for 2016

Today's post, our first for the New Year, features just ten shots from four photographers, a reflection of the Christmas period and time spent with families, not railways.


First up are three shots from Alan Rigby. His first shows DBS class 60, 60001 at St Helens Junction on 18th December 2015. The working was Seaforth - Tinsley Steel empties.

Next is a shot taken on 21st December 2015 at Winwick. Depicted is EWS (DBS) class 66, 66145 on a Carlisle - Penyfford Cement Sidings working.

Sir William Stanier's 'Royal Scot' class 4-6-0 No.46100 Royal Scot is up next, in Alan's third shot. Taken at Winwick on 21st December 2015, the loco was on a Crewe - Carnforth test run. The poor weather reflects the picture quality.

Ieuan Wood has sent in the following three pics. His first, of GBRf class 66, 66717 Good Old Boy, on a biomass working, was taken as the train climbed Whiston Bank on 28th December 2015.

Ieuan's second shot shows GBRf class 66, 66753 EMD Roberts Road, on a mid afternoon biomass working at St Helens Junction, on the same date, 28th December 2015.

The final shot from Ieuan is of the same loco, 66753 at Winwick on 29th December 2015 on a lunch time biomass working, Drax P.S. - Liverpool.

The next two pics are from Geoff Monks. His first shows Freightliner class 66, 66605 at Acton Bridge on 29th December 2015. The working was an empty 'binliner',  Runcorn - Brindle Heath.

Geoff's second shot is of double heading Freightliner class 86s, 86627 and 86622, on a Garston - Crewe intermodal. The location was Acton Bridge and the date, 29th December 2015.

Finally, two shots from Aidan Fort. His first shows GBRf class 66, 66753 EMD Roberts Road,  at Winwick Junc, after stopping to allow a class 319 unit to pass.  The date was 29th December 2015.

Aidan's second shot is of the same train, a Drax P.S. - Liverpool biomass working, at Winwick on the same date, 29th December 2015.