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Friday, 30 December 2011

Alternative Photographs (36)

This is the penultimate 'Alternatives' post, 30th December 2011. Featured are another ten pics from ten contributors,  although one pic is actually a montage of three separate examples.

Ken Young has sent in pic number one, taken just after he took his pic of the loco in the previous post; Stanier 'Pacific' No.6201 Princess Elizabeth. 'Lizzie' was heading 'The Coronation Scot' out of Crewe on 12th November 2011. See the previous post for more details.

Colin Platt has sent in pic number two. Class 31 diesel, 31128 (D5546) Charybdis, is pictured on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway at Grosmont, on the Whitby line. The loco was built in 1959 at BREL (Loughborough). The pic is dated 18th September 2011.

A shot of a  West Coast Railway Company class 37 is up next , taken by Matthew Chambers at Wigan. 37685 Loch Arkaig, is shown on a light engine working, Southall - Carnforth, on 3rd November 2011.

Next up is one of Jeff Nicholls' scanned pics, this one from 9th August 1985. Class 58, 58019, is depicted at Edge Hill sporting BR Railfreight livery, large logo.

Bob McClellan's shot of EWS (DBS) class 66, 66094, on a Castle Cement tanks working is featured next, pic number five. The freight working is shown passing over Helwith Bridge at Sherrif Brow on the Settle and Carlise line on 27th July 2011.

EWS (DBS) class 67, 67017 Arrow, is shown in John Smith's shot, number six. The loco is dragging class 43, 43238 with 43212 on the tail. The pic was taken on 17th June 2011 at Burn, on the East Coast Main Line.

Alan Rigby has sent in pic number seven. Double heading Freightliner class 86s, 86605 and 86609, are pictured heading an intermodal working, Basford hall - Felixstowe on 13th July 2011. The location is Chorlton, not far from Basford Hall.

A replica of an 1815 locomotive is up next, pic number seven. David Quayle visited Beamish Museum on 17th October 2010 and photographed the replica 'Steam Elephant' on the Pockerley Waggonway, complete with wagons of the period.

Shot number nine is from David Wood. His pic was taken at the East Lancs Railway Gala of 1999 and features class 45, D120, double heading with BR 'Britannia' class 4-6-2, No.70013 Oliver Cromwell.

The final pic is a montage of three from yours truly. The location is Wolverhampton Stafford Road shed in 1962 (I was 16 years old) where many GWR engines were lined up for scrap. The locos in the pic are No.6929 Whorlton Hall, No 6005 King George II (still in service at the time) and No. 1006 County of Cornwall. The camera was a Halina 35mm, the film was FP3, it was developed and printed via the local chemist in Thatto Heath, St Helens, and the photos were printed by one of my brother's teachers at Central Modern School, St Helens. And I remember it all as if it had taken place yesterday.

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Alternative Photographs (35)

Another ten out of ten for today's post, 28th December 2011; ten pics from ten contributors.

First up is one of John Smith's industrials, taken at the Chasewater Railway on 19th March 2011. The little 0-4-0ST No.3 Colin McAndrew & Co is the loco heading a photographer's freight working.

Next, pic number two, has been sent in by David Quayle. The Severn Valley Railway at Bridgenorth is the location and, No.5164 and No.7802, the locos. The former is a 2-6-2 Prairie tank and the latter a 'Manor' class 4-6-0, Bradley Manor.

Ken Young has sent in pic number three,  of Stanier 4-6-2, No.6201 Princess Elizabeth, taken at Crewe on 12th November 2011. 'The Coronation Scot' ran Tyseley - Crewe - Carlisle - Glasgow Central and returned on the following day.

Corfe Castle (unfortunately covered in tarpaulin sheet) is the location for pic number four, from Paul Holland. Ex London & South West Railway 0-4-4T locomotive No. 30053, is shown at the famous station on the Swanage Railway; the pic is dated 1st September 2007.

My own pic, number five, was taken at Carlisle on 1st August 2011. I had travelled on the train from St Helens on 'The Mersey Moorlander' which ran diesel hauled, Crewe - Liverpool- Preston, with class 47, 47580 County of Essex at the head. The Preston - Carlisle leg was headed by  Stanier 'Black 5', No. 54305 with 47580 on the tail. The return legs were handled by the same locomotives.

Another class 47 is shown next in Jeff Nicholls' scanned pic, number six, taken in Crewe Works on 28th April 1985. The loco, 47716,  is shown in grey primer prior to receiving its full livery.

Pics seven and eight both show the class '8F' locomotive No.48151 Gauge O Guild. Pic seven is from Bob McClellan. The loco is shown at a picturesque Ais Gill on 31st August 2011 heading 'The Fellsman' which ran Lancaster - Carlise and return via the Settle & Carlise line.

Shot number eight is of the same loco but heading the 'Welsh Mountaineer' near Frodsham on 23rd August 2011. This pic is from David Wood.

The ninth shot has been sent in by Matthew Chambers. Another of his excellent Doncaster shots taken on the same day, 23rd August 2011, this shows double heading EWS (DBS) class 66s - 66077 and 66021 -  passing through the Yorkshire station with an intermodal working.

The final shot, number ten, is from Colin Platt. Taken on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway at Grosmont, on 18th September 2011, the pic features three locomotives. Class 24, D5061 stands to the left as two, BR blue class 20s, await the off. These are 20096 and 20197.

Monday, 26 December 2011

Alternative Photographs (34)

Yet another ten pics for today's post, 26th December 2011, sent in by nine contibutors

First up is is a shot of a humble 0-6-0ST taken on the Isle of Wight Steam Railway. The engine is one of fourteen built by the Hunslet Company for the War Department. WD192, 'Army' carries the name Waggoner. The photographer was Alan Rigby and the date,16th August 2011.

The next shot is from Barry Rigby. Stanier 'Black 5' 4-6-0, No.44932, is pictured on the long climb to Ais Gill on 13th August 2011. The railtour was 'The Lakelander' which ran Northampton - Ravenglass and return.

Shot number three was taken at St Helens Junction by John Smith on 17th August 2011. EWS (DBS) class 60, 60071 Ribblehead Viaduct is shown heading a coal working.

The Severn Valley Railway is the location for pic number four, from Colin Platt. New build Peppercorn 'A1' 4-6-2, No.60163 Tornado, is shown heading a passenger working near Highley on 23rd September 2011.

Shot number five is from Jeff Nicholls. Standard class '4' 2-6-0, 76079, (nicknamed 'Pocket Rocket') is pictured on the East Lancs Railway at Irwell Vale. The pic is dated 4th April 2009. The loco is now based at the North Yorkshire Moors Railway, awaiting overhaul.

Two locos are shown in the next shot, pic number six, from Bob McClellan. BR 'Standard' class '4', 2-6-4T No.80072, and  BR 'Standard' class '2', 2-6-0 No.78019, are standing at Carrog on the Llangollen Railway. This pic is dated 9th September 2011.

Matthew Chambers has sent in pic number seven taken at Wigan North Western Station on 29th December 2010. The working was a Euston - Wigan football special and the locomotive is Freightliner class 90, 90045.

Modified Bulleid 'West Country' class 4-6-2 locomotive, No.34028 Eddystone, is shown in shot number eight from David Quayle. The location is the Churnet Valley Railway at Cheddleston and the date, 13th November 2010.

The ninth pic is another from David Quayle, this one taken on the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway at Keighley. Ex LMS 0-6-0 class 3F 'Jinty,' No.47279, is pictured with ex Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway 0-6-0, No.957. The pic is dated 8th October 2010.

 Bevan Price takes us to Norway for the final shot, number ten, in this post. NSB 9.2063 is pictured emerging from a snow shed at Vatnahalsen on 15th June 1973. Yes, they do get snow in June.

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Christmas Fun

Have a look at the link below and see five of the Winwick faithful showing a lot of Christmas spirit  or should that be having drank a lot of Christmas spirits? You have until 15th January to view it before it expires. GIVE IT TIME TO LOAD UP AS IT CAN BE QUITE SLOW.

Friday, 23 December 2011

Modern Railway Diversity

For today's post, 23rd December 2011, another ten pics have been chosen, fully reflecting the diversity of railway material available to the modern photographer/enthusiast. I think that the number and quality of pictures submitted also reflects  the growing popularity of railway photography, benefiting of course from the advent of digitisation and the availablity of a huge camera range.

The first contributor is David Quayle. David photographed Stanier 'Pacific' No.6233 Duchess of Sutherland, in war-time, 'love it or loathe' it black livery, heading 'The Welsh Dragon' railtour. The pic is dated 24th April 2010 and the location was Chester. The railtour ran Lincoln - Holyhead and return with the 'Duchess' operating the Crewe - Holyhead - Crewe legs.

The second pic is from Jeff Nicholls and is another of his excellent scans of older images. Class 26, 26024, is shown passing through the Princes Street Gardens in Edinburgh, on 23rd August 1986.

Pic number three is from John Smith. St Helens Junction is the location for John's shot of two DRS class 37s sandwiching a Network Rail test coach. At the rear of the train, travelling away from the camera, is 37604 and on the front is 37607. The date was 6th July 2011.

Shot number four is from Barry Rigby and shows 'The Train of Hope' Special headed by 'Royal Scot' class 4-6-0, No.46115 Scots Guardsman. The latter ran the Crewe - Carlise - Settle - Hellifield leg. The pic is dated 1st October 2010 and the location was Kirby Stephen.

Colin Platt has sent in pic number five, taken on the Seven Valley Railway at Bewdley, on 22nd September 2011. Pictured are two locos; Ivatt class '2' 2-6-0, No. 46443 and Churchward class '2800' 2-8-0, No.2857.

A superbly turned out GBRf class 66 is the subject of shot number six, from Matthew Chambers. No.66734 was pictured at Doncaster on 23rd August 2011.

The Keighley &Worth Valley Railway is the location for pic number seven, from David Quayle. BR 'Standard' class '5' 4-6-0, No.73129, is pictured beside ex Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway class 25 0-6-0, No.957 (BR No.52004), on 8th October 2010.

The popular 'Tesco Express', headed by class 92, 92017 Bart the Engine, in Stobart livery, is featured next on its travels from Daventry to Mossend. The pic, number eight, is from Alan Rigby. The location was Greenholme and the date, 21st September 2011.

The penultimate shot is from Bob McClellan. Pictured outside the Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester, is diesel hydraulic shunter class 02 0-4-0, No.D2868, on hire from the Harry Needle Co. This pic is dated 17th November 2011.

The final shot, number 10, has been sent in by Paul Holland. Depicted is class 31, 31297/D5830 in a fascinating ochre livery, standing ahead of BR blue (large logo) class 37, 37314. The location was Loughborough and the date, 19th August 2008.

May I take this opportunity to thank all our contributors and readers / viewers and to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a Prosperous 2012. The blog would not have evolved so successfully without your support.

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Past and Present

Today's post, 20th December 2011, is a mixed bag of steam and diesel locos, including the first portable engine to run on rails.

First up is David Quayle's pic of Collett 4-6-0 No.5029, Nunney Castle. The pic was taken at Whitland on 22nd May 2010 and shows the loco sporting a rather odd 'Red Dragon' headboard. The special was marketed as  'The Southern Irishman'  (Birmingham International - Fishguard and return)  and duties were shared with a WCRC class 47, 47804.

The second pic is also from David and features Stanier Pacific 'Princess Royal' class No.6201, Princess Elizabeth, thrashing through Glazebury on 13th December 2009. The railtour was the 'York Yuletide Express' which ran Liverpool Lime Street - York and return.

Jeff Nicholls has sent in pic number three to jog the memory banks. The scene is Springs Branch Shed on 20th November 1983 and the main locos are both class 40s - 40196 and 40195. Diesel shunter class 08, 08423 can also be identified to the right.

Class 43, 43308, is the subject of Matthew Chambers latest shot, number four in this post, taken at Doncaster on 23rd August 2011. As can be clearly seen, the livery is East Coast.

A bit closer to home for the next shot, number five, sent in by John Smith. Stanier 'Black 5' 4-6-0, No.45305, is seen coasting towards Lea Green on 2nd July 2011. The railtour was the 'Coast to Coast Express' which ran Liverpool Lime Street - Scarborough and return.

The sixth pic is from Barry Rigby. Stanier 4-6-2 'Princess Coronation' class, No.46248 City of Leeds, is pictured in Crewe North Roundhouse in 1964. Barry used the same make of camera that I used in the early 60s, a Halina 35mm compact. My film as I recall was Ilford FP3 in those days. Nostalgia, what a wonderfully human idiosyncrasy.

Colin Platt has sent in another of his North Yorkshire Moors' shots, this one taken on 18th September 2011. Featured is class 55 'Deltic' 55002, The Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry', standing at Pickering. This is pic number seven. The pic is montaged with another showing the distictive nameplate.

Shot number eight, shows an interesting comparison of steam and diesel hydraulic locos, taken at Ramsbottom on the East Lancashire Railway on 26th July 2008. Paul Holland took the pic showing BR 'Standard' class '9F' No.92214 and Hymek class 35,  D7076. The latter loco is preserved and based at the ELR. The '9F' was named Cock O' The North in 2011.

The ninth pic has been sent in by David Wood. Featured is Scot Rail class 90, 90021, standing at Crewe on 7th September 2011.

Last, but certainly not least in this post, are two Alan Rigby shots, montaged together, of the Coalbrookdale replica locomotive and commemorative plaque taken on 12th October 2011. The location was the Victorian Town Museum, Ironbridge. The Coalbrookdale locomotive was the first portable engine to run on rails.