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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Pick 'n' Mix

This is another mix of photos for today's post, 30th October 2011, with no common theme. I have chosen four pics from different contributors.

The first shot is from Jeff Nicholls and shows, once again, his command of the vertical format. Network Rail class 950, 950 001, is shown passing Crosfields Works in Warrington on 28th October 2011. The unit was built in 1987 and is used for track assessment.

Next up is John Smith's shot of a convoy of five DRS class 66s. They were pictured at Winwick, southbound, on 26th October 2011. The locos were off lease on their way to Crewe and were 66418, 66415, 66414, 66416 and 66417.

The third pic is from Ken Young. Featured is Freightliner class 66, 66620, but I have no details of the working. The location is the Mersey Bridge and the date, 15th April 2011.

The final shot is another of Dave Harris's retro shots. The Stanier 'Pacific', ex LMS No.6201 Princess Elizabeth, was depicted at Red Bank on 15th October 2011 on the 'Royal Scot' railtour. Dave has carried out plenty of digital manipulation to create an authentic looking photograph e.g. no wires etc.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

A Mixed Bag

Todays post, 26th October 2011,  comprises a 'pot pourri' of shots from three contributors. Passing trains are shown in two pics, MPVs in another and a 'tug' in a fourth.

The 'tug' is featured first, EWS (DBS) class 60, 60010, in a shot from Jeff Nicholls. The loco is seen emerging from beneath Bank Quay Station on a loaded Liverpool Bulk Terminal - Fiddlers Ferry Power Station coal working.

Pic two is from John Smith. MPVs D98919 and D98169 are depicted on a RHTT (Rail Head Treatment Train) at Earlestown on 12th October 2011. They appear to be on a leaf mulch spraying working, or something similar.

The next two pics are from yours truly and both feature passing trains. The first, pic number three, shows Virgin 'Super Voyager' 221103 travelling southbound at Winwick, on 9th September 2011. On the slow line to the left, a consist of three EWS (DBS) class 66s is held at the lights. The nearest loco is 66040.

Pic number four features a shot from 23rd March 2010, taken in atrocious weather conditions. DRS class 57, 57002, is shown on an empty logs working northbound through Winwick. To the left is a Northern Rail class 142 'Pacer', 142057 on a local working out of Bank Quay. I've included this pic just to show that even though the weather lets you down (iso400-1600), you can still get a reasonable shot.

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Four Pics, Seven Locos

As the title suggests I am using four photographs in today's post, 22nd October 2011, featuring seven different locos. Five locomotive classes are represented.

The first pic is from Ken Young. EWS (DBS) class 60, 60049 light engine, and EWS (DBS) class 66, 66199 on a coal working, are shown near Arpley on 4th May 2011.

Pic number two shows a treble headed working taken by Jeff Nicholls on 14th October 2011. The locos were DRS class 67, 67005, DRS class 37s 37611 and 37601 working Stoke Marcroft - Arpley repaired wagons near the Mersey crossing. The class 67, 67005 Queens Messenger, in Royal purple livery, was put on at Crewe.

David Wood has sent in pic number three. It shows Freightliner 'PowerHaul' class 70, 70002, working coal through Winwick on 12th October 2011.

The fourth and final pic, from John Smith, features another, similar class 70, 70011. This is also a coal working but the location is Earlestown and the date, 7th October 2011.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

47s and a 67

Two class 47s and a class 67 are pictured in today's post 19th October 2011. Four pics are published from three contributors.

The first two pics, from Dave Harris, are of the same working. Ex Advenza class 47, 47237 (now owned by WCRC), is shown on the rear of an Acton - Carnforth empty coaching stock move, on 16th October 2011. The location was Winwick.

The second pic is the same as above but given a 'retro' look by Dave. The monochrome pic suggests a 1960's decade as the class of 512 locomotives was introduced between 1962 and 1968. Dave has carefully removed the headlight and multicoupler for authenticity.

Pic number three is from Ken Young. Featured is another class 47, DRS liveried 47501 Craftsman, on the tail of the 'Northern Belle' railtour on 15th April 2011. The location is close to the Mersey bridge near Arpley.

The final pic, of a class 67 loco, is from David Wood. This working has been featured before but this shot was taken at Red Bank. The working was empty container flats for repair, Arpley - Wigan, and the date, 28th September 2011. The locomotive, 67003, is in Arriva livery ready for the Holyhead traffic.

Monday, 17 October 2011

Five x Class 150 dmu Consist

In today's post, 17th October 2011,  I am using two pics, each showing a different view of the same 5 x class 150 dmu consist; also two pics of steam tains for added interest. Three contributors have sent in the pics.

The first two shots are of the 5 x class 150 dmu's. Pic number one is from John Smith. The dmu's are shown passing through Winwick, northbound, on 14th October 2011. Freightliner class 66, 66951, is shown passing behind on a coal working.

Pic number two is from Jeff Nicholls. Jeff's shot shows the same units near Arpley on a transfer move from London Midland to  Newton Heath (Northern). The pic is dated as above.

The next two shots depict steam railtours and were taken by Geoff Monks. The first pic, number three, was taken at Red Bank on 15th October 2011. The railtour was PMR Tours 'The Royal Scot'  which was running Milton Keynes - Carlisle - and return, with steam operating Crewe - Carlisle - Crewe. The ex LMS locomotive in charge was Stanier 4-6-2 'Princess Royal' class, No.6201 Princess Elizabeth.

Pic number four shows Fowler/Stanier 4-6-0 'Royal Scot' class, No.46115 Scots Guardsman, leaving Bank Quay and passing the former Dallam steam shed heading 'The Train of Hope' railtour. The special ran Crewe - Shap - Carlisle - Crewe with 46115 working Crewe - Shap- Carlisle - Settle - Hellifield. The pic is dated 1st October 2011.

Saturday, 15 October 2011


In previous posts we have covered Pendolinos, the 'Extendolino' and today, its the 'Pretendolino' - a ten car Pendolino set with a class 90 up front. Yes, today's post, 15th October 2011, comprises two pics showing this combination.

The first pic has been sent in by Geoff  Monks.  Freightliner class 90, 90016, is shown passing northbound through Winwick working the Pendolino empty standby set ('Pretendolino') on a Euston - Polmadie working. The date was Thursday 13th October 2011 and the consist was for a 09.12 Glasgow - Euston extra working on the following day (returns as 15.28 Euston - Glasgow extra passenger on Sunday 16th October). Geoff would like to know if anyone knows why these extras have been put on? They run most weeks until the end of November.

The second shot of the 'Pretendolino' was taken on the Friday, Glasgow - Euston run, and is from Jeff Nicholls. 90016 is on the tail  of the service in this shot.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Classes 37, 47, 90 and 92

For today, 12th October 2011, I am using a mixed bag of locomotive classes sent in by four contributors.

First up are two pics from Ken Young showing the same working from both ends. Pic number one shows DRS class 37, 37607 in front of a Network Rail yellow test coach. The location was Bank Quay low level line and the date, 6th July 2011.

The second pic shows the other end of this consist of three, a second DRS class 37, 37604.

David Wood has supplied pic number three, taken at Red Bank on 1st October 2011. EWS (DBS) class 92, 92019 Wagner, is pictured on the morning Tesco Express, a popular working with photographers.

Pic number four is from Geoff Monks. Green liveried class 47, 47773/D1755 (with 'Castle' class 4-6-0, No.5043 Earl of Mount Edgcumbe on the tail, but not visible) is shown passing Earlestown Station at the conclusion of the whole train's turning move from Liverpool Lime Street - Parkside Jcn - Winwick - Earlestown loop.  The 'Earl' had headed the 'Ticket to Ride' railtour described in the previous post and returned with it that evening. The date of the pic was 1st October 2011.

The final pic in this post is from Jeff Nicholls. First ScotRail class 90, 90019, is pictured at Arpley on 27th September 2011. Arpley resident diesel shunter EWS (DBS) class 08, 08879, is shown behind the class 90.

Sunday, 9 October 2011


When we started this pictorial journey in January 2010, who dared think that we would be celebrating our 300th post in October 2011. Including the six pics in today's post, almost 1000 images have been used (some as montages) during this time and our blog has received nearly 35,000 hits. What an achievement, and well done to all enthusiasts who have contributed in any way.

Today, 9th October 2011, I am using six pics from five enthusiasts, including one from a new contributor. First up are four pics showing three DBS, red liveried locomotives.

Pic number one is from John Smith. Class 60, 60011 is shown at Earlestown, on a Liverpool Bulk Terminal - Fiddlers Ferry Power Station loaded coal working, on 7th October 2011.

The second pic is from Geoff Monks. Class 92, 92009 Marco Polo, is pictured passing southbound, through Winwick, on 30th September 2011. The working was the afternoon Mossend-Hams Hall containers. This loco (ex 92009 Elgar) was officially re-named Marco Polo at the DBS Channel Tunnel depot, Dollands Moor, in August 2011. The occasion was to recognise the opening of the UK to  European-sized freight trains.

Ken Young has sent in pic number three. Depicted is class 66, 66097, travelling light engine across the Mersey near Arpley, on 9th August 2011.

The fourth shot features the same DBS,  red liveried loco as shown in John Smith's pic. This one is from Jeff Nicholls. Class 60, 60011 is working coal hoppers, southbound, through Winwick on 13th September 2011.

As noted in the previous post GWR 'Castle' class 4-6-0. No.5043 Earl of Mount Edgcumbe. has been on our patch lately and here are two more pics to mark the occasion. The first, pic number five, is from John Smith. The loco is shown on the tail of the 'Ticket to Ride' railtour which ran Birmingham New Street - Stafford - Liverpool Lime Street and return on 1st October 2011. Class 47, 47773, was at the head as the train was reversed at Winwick junction.

The second shot of 5043, pic number six, is from a new contributor, Colin Irwin. You are most welcome, Colin. The railtour was pictured passing the ex Vulcan Works at Earlestown on the same date.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Full Steam Ahead

As the post title implies, today's post 5th October 2011, comprises only steam locomotive shots. A couple of steam 'specials' (with 46115 and 5043) have passed through our patch recently and our Winwick enthusiasts have been out in force to photograph them. In addition to the pics posted of the 'specials' I am using others to make up the numbers. However, I have other pictures of 46115 and 5043, which I will use in the near future.

I will start with the older pics. First up is a 'going away' shot of Stanier 4-6-2, No.6201 Princess Elizabeth, taken on 26th March 2011. The 'Settle & Carlisle' railtour ran Liverpool - Shap - Carlisle - Settle - Crewe. The photographer was Ken Young and the location, Red Bank.

The second, vertical format pic, is from Jeff Nicholls. Stanier 'Black Five' 4-6-0, No. 44932, is pictured on a railtour through Winwick on 3rd September 2011. 'The Lune Rivers Trust Special' ran Carnforth - Shrewsbury.

Another of Ken Young's shots is featured next. BR 'Standard' class 7, 70013 Oliver Cromwell, is shown at Bank Quay with the 'North Wales Coast Express'. The latter ran Liverpool - Chester - Holyhead  and return on 7th August 2011.

Now for the two recent railtour pics. Pic number four is from Geoff Monks. 'Castle' class 4-6-0, No.5043 Earl of Mount  Edgcumbe, is shown being dragged into the Earlestown loop (the Earl at Earlestown - how appropriate) by class 47, D1775/47773. The 'Castle' was scheduled to stand for around three hours, during which time the  adjacent fire engine replenished the loco's diminished water levels.

The fifth pic is of Fowler/Stanier 'Royal Scot' class 4-6-0, No.46115 Scots Guardsman. John Smith is the photographer and the railtour was 'The Train of Hope', which ran Crewe - Carlisle - Crewe on 1st October 2011. The location for John's shot was Red Bank.

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Five from Five

As the title implies today's post, 2nd October 2011, comprises five pics from five different contributors but covering six locomotives and four classes.

Ken Young has supplied our first pic. Class 86, 86259 Les Ross in 'electric blue' livery and small BR logo, is pictured on the Preston - Euston final leg of the 'Cathedrals Express' railtour. The railtour ran Preston - Carlisle - Preston - Euston with BR 'Standard' class 7, 70013 Oliver Cromwell, heading the other legs. The location is Bank Quay and the date, 25th August 2011. For more pics of 86259 go to the post of 2nd September or just type Les Ross into the search bar, to see the loco in other posts.

David Wood has sent in pic number two. Wrexham & Shropshire Railway liveried class 67, 67012 A Shropshire Lad, waits in Arpley Yard on 29th July 2011.

Next up is a pic from Geoff Monks. Class 47, 47790 Galloway Princess, in brown and cream 'Northern Belle' livery, is shown at the head of  'Northern Belle' empty stock, in matching livery, with DRS class 47, 47802 Pride of Cumbria on the tail. The date was 29th September 2011 and the location, Winwick.

Shot number four is from Jeff Nicholls. Class 31, 31106, in BR blue/small logo livery, is shown heading Network Rail, yellow testing carriages, southbound, near Arpley on 30th September 2011. The working was Mossend - Derby.

The final pic, number five, is from John Smith. Depicted is a rather unusual working involving a 'shed'  on the early Tesco Express. John has vast photographic knowledge and practical experience and cannot remember seeing a class 66 loco on this particular working. EWS (DBS) class 66, 66134, is shown northbound, at Winwick in early glinting sunlight, on 28th September 2011.