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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Three Steam Pics

Three pics of steam locomotives, two of 'Cromwell' and another of a 'Black Five', comprise today's post, 30th August 2011.

The first shot is from Geoff Monks and features BR 'Standard' class 7 4-6-2, No.70013 Oliver Cromwell. The location was Bank Quay, the working Crewe - Preston, and the date 25th August 2011. The loco with support coach was on its way to pick up the 'Cathedrals Express' (the Preston - Carlisle and return leg). A class 86 (was due to run the Euston - Preston and return leg. The loco was built at Crewe Works in 1951, one of a 'Britannia' class of 55.

Pic number two is from John Smith. Stanier 'Black Five' 4-6-0, No.45305, with support coach was shot at Winwick, southbound, on 22nd August 2011. The working was Preston - Crewe.

The third shot, from Jeff Nicholls, is another of  70013 Oliver Cromwell. The loco was photographed at Winwick on the 'North Wales Coast Express' on 21st August 2011. WCRC class 47, 47760, was on the tail.

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Six Locomotive Classes

Today's post, 28th August 2011,  comprises six pics from six contributors involving six different loco classes and several different locations around 'our patch'.

The first two pics are from Dave Harris. First up are DRS class 47s 47818 and 47790 Galloway Princess (in Northern Belle livery) on the 'Northern Belle' Edinburgh - Euston working, through Red Bank, on 22nd August 2011.

Dave's second pic is of the blue class 86, 86259 Les Ross, with the Euston - Carlisle working on 25th August 2011. The location was Golborne.

The third pic is from Geoff Monks. Featured is EWS (DBS) class 66, 66019, on a Fiddlers Ferry Power Station - Liverpool Bulk Terminal empty coal working on 25th August 2011. The location was the low level line at Bank Quay.

Shot number four has been sent in by John Smith. Freightliner 'PowerHaul' class 70, 70010, is shown heading a coal train on a Liverpool - Ironbridge working, The location was Earlestown and the date, 19th August 2011.

Jeff Nicholls has supplied shot number five. An EWS (DBS) class 67, 67002 Special Delivery, is pictured heading a Network Rail Test Train near Arpley on 21st June 2011.

The final pic from Alan Rigby really is a 'stitch up'. Two pics are presented, stitched together, to show both ends of a long train. The working was an empty stock move, Derby - Carnforth, with WCRC locos 57601 on the front and 47804 at the rear. The location was Winwick and the working was northbound. This 'stitching' could have been done with several pics sent in recently but I thought that more than one would have been 'OTT'.

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Five Locomotive Classes

Photographs of five locomotive classes involving nine locomotives comprise today's post 25th August 2011. Four contributors have sent in the pics.

The first two pics are from Geoff Monks. The first shows Virgin class 57, 57316, heading Virgin coaches on a Holyhead - Manchester Piccadilly working, on 4th April 2006. The train was normally an Arriva Trains Wales unit but because of a shortage, the train was loco hauled.

Geoff's second shot is of EWS class 92, 92026 Britten, heading the Dollands Moor - Irvine china clay tanks ('silver bullets'), northbound, at Golborne on 7th May 2008.

Alan Rigby has supplied pic number three, taken at Winwick on 21st August 2011. In the picture, treble heading DRS class 37, 37610, T. S. (Ted) Cassady 14.5.61 - 6.4.08, EWS (DBS) class 37, 37422 and EWS (DBS) class 66, 66099, are travelling northbound, on an Arpley - Carnforth light engine working.

The fourth shot is from Jeff Nicholls. Featured are double heading DRS class 66s, 66432 and 66420 heading six, spent nuclear fuel flasks on a  Crewe - Sellafield, northbound working. The date was 30th June 2011 and the location, Winwick.

The fifth and final shot in this series is from John Smith. In the picture two DRS class 20s, 20308 and 20309 are shown double heading two, ex BR Mk2A coaches in DRS livery, northbound, on a Crewe - Carlisle working at Golborne. The pic is dated 23rd August 2011. According to an Internet source these coaches are used by DRS "to carry military personnel escorting Ministry of Defence  nuclear flask trains between naval dockyards and nuclear processing sites".

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Five class 47s

Todays post, 23rd August 2011, features four pics from four photographers with five class 47 locomotives to view.

Pic number one is from Alan Rigby. DRS class 47, 47501 Craftsman, is shown heading north through Winwick on 21st August 2011. In front is the Network Rail, Control Inspection Saloon No. 975025,  Caroline.

Next up is a pic from John Smith showing BR blue (small logo) class 47, 47270 Swift, heading an empty stock move, southbound, through Winwick on 19th August 2011.

The third shot was taken by Jeff Nicholls on 21st August 2011. WCRC class 47, 47760, was banking the 'North Wales Coast Express', southbound, through Winwick. The 47 is visible through the clag from BR 'Standard' class 7, 70013 Oliver Cromwell, out of picture, at the head of the railtour.

The final shot in this series of class 47 pics is from Geoff Monks. The 'Northern Belle' national railtour is featured, northbound through Winwick, on 20th August 2011. The working was Euston - Edinburgh; the double heading locos were, DRS class 47, 47790 Galloway Princess in distinctive 'Northern Belle' livery, and DRS class 47, 47818.

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Four x Steam

Pics of four steam locos make up today's post, 20th August 2011, supplied by two contributors.

The first pic is from Geoff Monks. The 1937 built, Gresley class 'A4' ('Streak' to you and me) 4-6-2, No.60009 Union of South Africa  is depicted passing through Winwick, northbound, with a mixed rake of carriages. The working was the outward leg of the Crewe - Manchester Victoria - York - Scarborough and return 'Scarborough Flyer' railtour, of 15th August 2008. Four of the class are preserved in the UK.

The next shot, of BR 'Standard' class 7, No.70013 Oliver Cromwell, has been sent in by John Smith. The loco, plus support coach, was travelling through Red Bank on 15th August 2011. Built at Crewe Works in 1951, 70013 is one of 55 'Britannia' class locomotives designed by Robert Riddles - two are preserved.

The third pic is another from Geoff Monks.  'Royal Scot' class 4-6-0, No.46115 Scots Guardsman is shown travelling northbound, through Winwick, on the return leg of the Carnforth - Chester - Carnforth 'Lune Habitat' railtour, of 9th September 2008. The 'Royal Scot' class of 70 locos was designed by Henry Fowler from 1927 and rebuilt by William Stanier/George Ivatt from 1943. Two class members are preserved.

The fourth and final pic is another from John Smith. Featured is the new-build, Peppercorn class 'A1' 4-6-2, No.60163 Tornado, in her new livery of 'Brunswick Green'. The loco is shown at Winwick, southbound, on 8th June 2011 with an empty stock move, Grosmont - Carlisle - Crewe.

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Two 'Sheds' and Two 'Tugs'

The title of this post, 18th August 2011, describes the locomotive content of the following pics, supplied by four contributors.

Pic number one is from John Smith. Recently named GBRf (Eurotunnel) class 66, 66716, is pictured on an engineers working, southbound at Winwick, on 21st July 2011. The loco has a side badge with the following inscription -  Locomotive and Carriage Institution Centenary 1911 - 2011. The naming ceremony was carried out on the Nene Valley Railway on 15th May 2011.

The second shot, and the first of a 'tug', shows EWS (DBS) class 60, 60015 Bow Fell at one of Jeff Nicholls' favoured locations, Sankey Bridges. The working is coal and the date, 24th June 2011.

The third pic is from Bevan Price. EWS (DBS) class 60, 60071, is shown crossing Sankey Viaduct with a Liverpool Bulk Terminal - Fiddlers Ferry Power Station working on 8th August 2011.

The fourth and final shot is from Colin Platt. Featured is Freightliner class 66, 66511, at Red bank heading a coal working (do we get much else these days?) on 12th May 2011.

NOTE : I am beginning to run short of Winwick area pics. Some contributors havn't sent anything in for quite a while, so please do so or run the risk of the blog being supported by a few photographers only.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Four Different Classes

Today's post, 16th August 2011, again comprises four pics from four contributors. Each shot shows a different class of locomotive/unit.

Pic number one is from Geoff Monks.  BR blue, large logo liveried class 47, 47580 County of Essex, is pictured on a Coventry - Carnforth empty coaching stock move northbound, through Winwick, on 14th August 2011. The Network Rail main line registered locomotive, with two other class 47s, is preserved and owned by the Stratford 47 Group (formed in 2001).

The second pic is from John Smith. Depicted is EWS (DBS) class 66, 66137, hauling ex RMC orange aggregate hoppers (JGAs), northbound, through Winwick on 29th July 2011. John has used the trees as a natural frame.

EWS (DBS) class 67, 67007, is up next in a pic from Jeff Nicholls. The shot was taken in Arpley Yard on 24th June 2011 and shows the loco about to depart with a working of box wagons.

The final shot, from myself, is a slight deviation. It's quite a while since the class 175s were posted on our site, therefore, I have included this shot of a passing pair of 175 units at Winwick on 30th April 2010. The units are 175104 and 175108. The gantry has been used as a frame.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Four from Four

As the title suggests this post, 14th Augusr 2011, features four pics from four photographers. Three diesel classes and a steam class, 8F, are represented.

First pic is from Jeff Nicholls. Freightliner 'PowerHaul' class 70, 70003, is shown at the picturesque Sankey Bridges heading a coal working on 24th June 2011.

Next up is a shot from Geoff Monks. EWS (DBS) Class 59, 59205 L Keith McNair, is depicted travelling south, heading a loaded coal working (Liverpool Bulk Terminal - Fiddlers Ferry Power Station) on 5th June 2011.

The third shot is from John Smith. Featured is steam locomotive class 8F, 48151 Gauge O Guild, working north with empty stock, Ffestiniog - Preston, on 9th August 2011. The headboard reads 'The Welsh Mountaineer'.

The popular gypsum working is pictured next, from Alan Rigby. GBRf (Eurotunnel) class 66, 66722 Sir Edward Watkin, in Metronet livery, is shown heading the gypsum wagons, northbound, through Winwick on 27th April 2011.

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Two 37s and Three 66s

Another four pics comprise today's post, 11th August 2011, sent in by three contributors.

The first two shots are from John Smith. The first depicts a pair of DRS class 37s, 37604 and 37607, with a yellow, Network Rail measurements coach sandwiched between them. The location is the Ferry Inn car park (near Fiddlers Ferry Power Station) and the working was Warrington - Liverpool. The pic is dated 6th July 2011.

John's second pic is of DBS, red liveried class 66, 66097, heading car flats over the Mersey Crossing. The working was Arpley - Crewe.

Pic number three has been sent in by Geoff Monks and features DRS class 66, 66422, on a Daventry - Coatbridge container working northbound, through Winwick, on 5th August 2011.

The fourth pic, from Jeff Nicholls, shows Freightliner class 66, 66524, working coal empties from Fiddlers Ferry Power Station up to Scotland. The train is crossing the Mersey Twelve Arches to run round in Walton Yard. This pic is dated 21st June 2011.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Four Photos, Seven Locomotives

As the title suggests this post, 9th July 2011, comprises four pics, showing seven locomotives; they have been sent in by four contributors and include five different classes.

First up is a pic by Geoff Monks of WCRC class 47, 47760, heading an empty passenger stock move, southbound through Winwick, on 5th August 2011. BR blue liveried, (large logo) preserved class 47, 47580 County of Essex, is on the rear. The train was 'The Lakelander', a railtour which ran Wolverhampton - Carnforth - Ravenglas - Wolverhampton, on the following day. The organising company was Statesman Rail.

The second pic is from John Smith. Treble heading, light engine class 56s and a class 50 were spotted passing Winwick Junction on 6th June 2011. The locos were 56311, 56312 ARTEMIS and 50008 on a Castleton - Washwood Heath working.

Shot number three is from Jeff Nicholls and features EWS (DBS) class 92, 92017 Bart the Engine, in Stobart livery, travelling light engine over Twelve Arches, towards Arpley, on 26th July 2011.

The fourth and final shot is from myself. EWS (DBS) class 66, 66200, is pictured hauling aggregate hoppers through Red Bank on 16th April 2011. Fiddlers Ferry Power Station occupies a dominant position in the background.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Three 'Sheds', One Electric, One Steam

Today's post, 7th August 2011,  features five pics from four different photographers.

The first is from Ken Young. Freightliner class 66, 66506, is pictured on an engineers working over the Mersey Bridge, a favourite location of Ken's. The pic is dated 15th April 2011.

The second pic is from Jeff Nicholls. GBRf class 66, 66735 (ex 66403), is shown at 12 Arches heading a gypsum working on 26th July 2011. The loco is on hire from Porterbrook Leasing. Note that some previous branding (DRS?) has been painted out.

Next up is a shot from David Wood. EWS (DBS) class 92, 92041 Vaughan Williams, is depicted on a container intermodal working, southbound, through Winwick on 13th July 2011.

The final two shots are both from Geoff Monks. The first features the popular logs working, Carlisle - Chirk, southbound through Winwick. At the head is Colas Rail class 66, 66850 (ex 66577); note the change in branding from earlier locos in this series. This pic is dated 5th August 2011.

Geoff's second shot signals a change in emphasis, to steam. Stanier class 8F 2-8-0, No.48151 Gauge O Guild,  is shown on a Yeovil Junction - Carnforth working northbound, at Winwick, on 10th July 2011.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Six from Five

For today's post, 3rd August 2011,  I am returning to our normal photographic theme, 'in and around Winwick' but first, may I thank everyone who contributed to our 'Alternative Photographs' deviation over the past few weeks. It was a tremendous success and we will return to it later in the year. But for now, it's back to Winwick (almost), with six pics featured from five contributors.

Our first pic is from Jeff Nicholls. Pictured at the Ferry Inn crossing near Fiddlers Ferry Power Station (FFPS), EWS (DBS) class 60, 60015 Bow Fell is working empty coal hoppers from the power station.

John Smith has sent in pic number two showing Colas Rail class 47, 47739 Robin of Templecombe, pulling a Colas rail track machine near Golborne. The pic is dated 31st May 2011.

The next two shots are from Geoff Monks. The first depicts EWS (DBS) class 59, 59205 L. Keith McNair, at Winwick on FFPS -  Liverpool Bulk Terminal empty coal hoppers duty on 30th June 2011.

Geoff's second shot was taken on 1st July 2011 and shows Freightliner / Shanks liveried class 66, 66522, arriving at Bank Quay with a daily Killoch - FFPS loaded coal working.

The next shot is from yours truly. One of Charles Collett's 'Castle' class 4-6-0s, No.5029 Nunney Castle, is pictured near Golborne, with support coach, on 21st April 2011.

The final shot is from Dave Harris. His pic arrived, unfortunately, just after I had completed the final post in the 'Alternative Photograph's section, but, as he had not been represented, I make no apologies for using his pic. Dave has provided many pics for our blog in the past. Pictured is First Great Western HST class 43, 43191, about to enter Parsons Tunnel at Dawlish with a Penzance - Paddington  passenger working. The date was 12th July 2011.