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Sunday, 30 January 2011

Two 'Tugs' and a 47

Two class 60's, one of which is now a celebrity loco, feature in today's post (30th January 2011) with a DRS class 47.

Pic number one is from Ken Young. Depicted is EWS (DBS) class 60, 60010, on coal duty at Bank Quay on 14th January 2011.

The second 'Tug' pic is from Bob McClellan. EWS class 60, 60074, is pictured in triple grey livery with Mainline Freight bodyside logos. The working is engineers' flats (rails). The pic was taken at Winwick on 7th December 2004. This loco was rebranded in 2008; liveried in powder blue and named Teenage Spirit. The naming ceremony was performed at the National Railway Museum, York  to publicise the Teenage Cancer Trust.

Pic number three is from Geoff Monks. DRS class 47, 47712 Pride of Carlisle, is shown heading a huge number of empty gargo vans on a Blackburn - Long Marston working. The date was 28th January 2011 and the location, Bank Quay.

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Three Class 70s

This post (27th January 2011) is dedicated to Freightliner class 70 locomotives. Rather dismissively called 'Ugly Bettys' or  'Upturned Jelly Moulds' by some detractors, these locomotives also have many supporters; they are certainly popular as photographic subjects. The three pics in today's post are from two contributors, Ken Young and Jeff Nicholls. Once again we rely on coal traffic for our blog pics - what would we do without it at the present time.

Pics one and two are both from Ken Young. They feature two class 70s, taken on coal duties on the same day, 14th January 2011. The first shows 70006 on a coal working near Fiddlers Ferry Power Station. The second depicts 70011 on similar duty approaching Bank Quay Station. Pic one was timed at 13.07 hrs and pic two, at 11.39hrs.

The third pic is from Jeff Nicholls. This shot was taken on 10th November 2010, close to Arpley. The locomotive is 70004.

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Miscellaneous Collection

This post (25th January 2011) features four pics, covering the nineteen year period, 1992 - 2011. Four different contributors are represented with classes 08, 31 and 66/7.

Diesel shunters are not the most photogenic of railway subjects but they are distinctive and deserve a place on our blog. The first pic is one of Ken Young's copy photos, the original being dated 2004. Pictured is class 08, 08802 (seems to be named Sir -------) in Arpley Yard. Can anyone email me with the name and livery details please? 

The second pic was also taken in Arpley, on 28th June 2006, by Jeff Nicholls. Grey liveried Class 08, 08460, is depicted with other shunters and several class 66s, including 66072. Most locos are in EWS livery. How many can you spot?

Pic number three is from Bill Harrison. Class 31, 31257, is pictured at Howley (Warrington) with the bus station prominent in the composition. Both locomotive and bus enthusiasts will be interested in this pic, which is dated 23rd May 1992.

The final shot is from Geoff Monks. GBRf liveried class 66, 66706 Nene Valley, is pictured at Sankey Bridges with the Fiddlers Ferry PS - Newbiggin gypsum working, on 19th January 2011.

Edit : 25th January 2011. I knew someone would know the livery on 08802 above. Bob McClellan advises me that it is old Rail Express livery. The loco name, however, is unofficial. Cheers Bob.

Sunday, 23 January 2011

More coal workings

If it wasn't for coal workings, we would be hard-pressed to photograph anything at Winwick at the present time - resident robin excepted, of course.  What is quite astonishing is Network Rail's claim that the WCML is almost at capacity. Surely, things must get better soon.

Today's pics (23rd January 2011) are all due to 'King Coal'. OK, so we have had several pics of 'Tug' 99  recently. Well here are two more but they are interesting because they show the same train in different locations; judge for yourself which is better. Pic number one, from Geoff Monks, shows TATA steel liveried 60099 at Sankey Bridges with empty coal hoppers from Fiddlers Ferry PS destined for the Liverpool Bulk Terminal. Geoff photographed the train from the public foot crossing.

Ken Young's shot of the same train was taken as it was leaving FFPS, before it arrived at Geoff's location. Both shots were taken on 19th January 2011.

The third pic in this post is from Jeff Nicholls. Unusually, but very effectively, taken in the portrait format, Freightliner class 66, 66548, is depicted leaving Bank Quay with a coal working on  16th November 2010.

Friday, 21 January 2011

Coal, Gypsum and Mail

Many different  types of freight are carried by rail nowadays and three of them are represented in today's post  (21st January 2011) - coal, gypsum and the Royal Mail.

Pic number one is from Bevan Price, Pictured is the TATA steel liveried class 60, 60099, on coal duty at Walton Old Junction, Warrington, on 18th January 2011.

The gypsum working, pic number two, is from John Smith. The shot was taken as the train was leaving Fiddlers Ferry Power Station headed by GBRf liveried class 66, 66706 Nene Valley, on 19th January 2011.

The Royal Mail has been associated with rail since 1838 when an Act of Parliament was passed for "The Conveyance of Mail by Rail". An apparatus was perfected and put in place on the Grand Junction Railway, in the following year. Ken Young's pic shows two modern class 325 emus, 325002 and 325016, at Bank Quay Station on 16th August 2008. These units are now the main carriers of mail on our railways.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

60099 and 60010

The rumour mill is gathering pace today about DBS class 60's being refurbished into some sort of 'Super 60' class, numbering over twenty when completed. Let's hope so. It is fitting, therefore, that two 'tugs', on present coal duties in and out of Fiddlers Ferry Power Station (FFPS), are the subject of today's post (18th January 2011). 

The first two pics are from Geoff Monks. Pic number one shows the TATA steel liveried class 60, 60099, heading empty coal hoppers on a FFPS - Liverpool Bulk Terminal (LBT) working (or diagram?), at Slutchers Lane, Warrington.

The second shot from Geoff was taken on the same day, 17th January 2011. EWS (DBS) class 60, 60010, is featured on a LBT-FFPS loaded coal working, arriving at Bank Quay Station.

Both these locomotives, on similar duties, are pictured in shot number three from Jeff Nicholls. The passing trains were photographed at Winwick today, 18th January 2011. Jeff's description of 60099 reflected in 'Lake Winwick', seems appropriate at the present time. 

Sunday, 16 January 2011

One Of The Latest Class 70s

Friday (14th) was a popular day at Winwick as one of the latest batch of class 70s to hit these shores, passed through. Several photographers have sent in pics and I will use them all in time. In todays post (16th January 2011) I will use just two, from Geoff Monks and John Smith.

The latest batch of the class, 70008 - 70012, arrived in Newport Docks on 4th January and unloaded on the 5th, but 70012 suffered a serious accident when being lifted by crane. The Internet is full of reports and speculation; if you wish to know more just Google "Locomotive 70012" and numerous references about the locomotive will appear. Photographs too; just follow the links.

John's shot shows 70011 on an engineers trial, ballast working passing through Winwick, northbound.

Geoff's pic features the same train travelling in the reverse direction, later in the day. This working was Carnforth - Crewe Basford Hall. The date for both pics was 14th January 2011.

Friday, 14 January 2011

Four pics from 2010

For today's post (14th January 2011) I am using four pics from 2010, two of which re-visit an old subject. Three contributors are represented.

The first pic is from Jeff Nicholls who has used a natural frame of trees to his advantage. In Jeff's shot  DRS class 37s, 37604 and 37610, are shown heading the nuclear flasks working through Winwick on a cold, frosty day. The pic is dated 8th December 2010.

John Smith has sent in the next pic, a 'skip' on a mail drag. EWS (DBS) class 67, 67023, is pictured dragging Royal Mail class 325 emus - which are not very reliable in severe winter weather - through Winwick snow on 23rd December 2010.

The next two pics, both from yours truly, are meant to stir the memory banks of the crowd of enthusiasts who congregated at Winwick on 22nd February 2010. This was a special day for steam fans when 'King Arthur' class 4-6-0, No.30777 Sir Lamiel, from the National collection, passed through Winwick. Sir Lamiel was known as one of the 'Scotch Arthurs' (built by the North British Locomotive Company of Glasgow), a Richard Maunsell design strongly influenced by the previous N15 class of Robert Urie. Other Maunsell  N15s were built at Eastleigh and were nicknamed 'Eastleigh Arthurs'. The original Urie N15 class, later modified by Maunsell, were nicknamed 'Urie Arthurs'.  The class totalled 74 by 1926. The SR locomotive is seen double heading with BR Standard class 7, 'Pacific' No.70013 Oliver Cromwell. Note the driver of 70013 taking photographs as he passes through Winwick. Pic number three shows Oliver Cromwell at the head of the consist; pic four shows Sir Lamiel, swathed in exhaust, sandwiched between the 'Brit' and support coach.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Three Different Classes

Three contributors, Bill Harrison, Geoff Monks and Ken Young, have sent in photographs for today's post (12th January 2011).

Bill Harrison's shot is from 23rd May 1992 and features class 87, 87033, on an InterCity drag through Bewsey, Warrington.

Ken Young's pic is another of his copy photos with the original taken 12th October 2005. Bank Quay was the location for class 90, 90044, on an intermodal working. The loco livery is Freightliner two-tone grey.

The third pic is from Geoff Monks, taken just yesterday, 11th January 2011. DBS class 60, 60099 is shown by the gates at Arpley Yard, before beginning Liverpool coal duty. The locomotive looks extremely smart in the TATA Steel silver livery. The re-paint was part of the launch of Corus Steel under the TATA name. The loco was unveiled at TATA Steel plant at Scunthorpe on 27th October 2010.

Monday, 10 January 2011

Three from three

Today's post (10th December 2011) features three photographs, all showing different loco classes, from three different contributors.

 Pic one is from Daniel Irwin. Fastliner liveried class 66, 66434, is depicted at Bank Quay with the popular logs working, Carlisle - Chirk. The pic is dated 1st July 2010.

Jeff Nicholls is our next contibutor. He shot double heading, EWS class 37s passing through Winwick, light engine, on 4th September 2007. The locos are 37417 Richard Trevithick and 37410. 

The third pic is from John Smith. 'Tug' 71 is shown heading an empty engineers working through a picturesque Winwick, on 22nd December 2010. The 'tug' is EWS (DBS) class 60, 60071, Ribblehead Viaduct.

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Four Classes

For this post (8th January 2011) I am using four pics from four different contributors. Four diesel classes are represented.

Pic number one is another from young Daniel Irwin. Freightliner class 70, 70003, is shown heading away from Latchford with coal for Fiddlers Ferry Power Station. The pic is dated 21st July 2010. Looks as if Daniel has chosen the same spot as Bill, 19 years earlier, (see below) for his photo.

Ken Young has sent in another of his copy photos from 2003. EWS Class 37, 37411 The Scottish Railway Preservation Society, is depicted at Bank Quay. The exact date is not known.

Bill Harrison has sent in pic number three. Class 31, 31154, is pictured at Arpley  with HAA wagons behind. The date was 20th June 1991.

The final pic is from Geoff Monks. Featured is GBRf liveried class 66, 66704 Colchester Power Signal Box, passing under  Bank Quay Station. The working is Fiddlers Ferry Power Station - Newbiggin and the load is gypsum.  The train is heading for Latchford for the famous 'run round' on 22nd December 2010. Where do you get all these fabulous skies from Geoff?

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Another new contributor

Following on from Bill Harrison joining our blog contributors in December (28th) I am pleased to welcome another new face, and a young one at that. Daniel Irwin finished his A-levels in summer and then proceeded to take railway pics at Winwick. A native of Warrington, Daniel is currently studying law at the University of Hull - buses are another photographic interest. One of Daniel's pics is featured in this post (6th January 2011) and there will be more to come. Geoff Monks, Bill Harrison and John Smith are also represented, with a pic from each.

Daniel's shot is of Deltic class 55, 55022 Royal Scots Grey travelling light engine through Bank Quay on 24th August 2010. The working was Bury - Crewe.

A class 56, 56108, in BR large logo livery,  is shown in Bill's pic, taken at Winwick on 23rd May 1992.  

The third pic, from Geoff Monks, features a northbound Pendolino in the snow at Bank Quay on 18th December 2010. The coupling gate is open and Geoff thinks that it may have frozen in this position due to the sub zero temperatures. 

John Smith has sent in the final pic in this post, depicting a 'skip' on a Royal Mail drag. The locomotive is EWS (DBS) class 67, 67030, and the units are the standard, Royal Mail class 325 emus. The pic is dated 17th December 2010.

Monday, 3 January 2011

Back to Winwick

Well, after the Christmas and New Year breaks I hope that you are ready to return to our Winwick area again and get cracking with your cameras (new one for Christmas?). Judging by the success of the 'Alternative Photographs' theme of the past couple of weeks or so, you have plenty to live up to. I have a few pics in already, so to begin with in this, the first post of 2011, (3rd January) I will use pics from Geoff Monks, Bill Harrison, John Smith and Bob McClellan.

Geoff's pics are both of the DBS, Royal Purple liveried 'skip', class 67, 67006 Royal Sovereign, at Bank Quay Station. The working was a Willesden - Warrington - Shieldmuir mail extra on 22nd December 2010. His second pic shows the side detail in close up. 

Bill Harrison's shot shows class 47, 47299, in revised Railfreight Distribution 'triple grey' livery,  heading a tank wagons working through Bewsey (Warrington), on 23rd May 1992. 

Bob McClellan has sent in photo number four. A track machine (DR98007) is depicted in unusual lighting, the result of a threatening sky above,  on 13th December 2010. 

The final pic in this post is from John Smith. Featured is Stobart liveried class 92, 92017 Bart the Engine on another Royal Mail drag (class 325 emus) at Winwick, on December 20th 2010.