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Friday, 6 March 2015

ELR and K&WVR Re-visited.

Today's post, 6th March 2015, comprises another eighteen pics from eight contributors, reflecting how quickly images are coming in at the present time (the previous post was only a few days ago). Our Heritage Railway Galas are in full flow and a fine source for nostalgic steam shots. 


Up first today are five shots from David Quayle continuing his ELR theme from the previous post and adding four from his recent K&WVR visit. Ex BR 'Standard' class '4' 2-6-4, No.80080 is pictured at Burrs Country Park on the ELR with a passenger service on 22nd February 2015.

David's second shot was taken at Oakworth on the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway (K&WVR) on 28th February 2015. Featured is ex BR 'Standard' class '4MT', 4-6-0 No.75078 on a goods working.

Number three from David shows ex WD 2-8-0, No.90733 and ex USATC 2-8-0, No.5820 at Keighley on 28th February 2015.

In September 1968, ex LMS class '4F' 0-6-0 of Henry Fowler, No 43924, became the first locomotive to be rescued from the famous Woodham Bro's scrapyard in Barry. The loco is seen at Keighley on 28th February 2015 with Manning Wardle 0-6-0 tank, Sir Berkeley in David's shot number four.

Last from David is this pic of 'West Country' class 4-6-2 of Oliver Bulleid, No.34092 Wells (previously City of Wells). The loco was leaving Haworth for Oxenhope double heading with 0-6-0 No.43924, described above. The date was the same, 28th February 2015.

The following two shots are both from Alan Rigby. His first records the first day of operation of Northern Electric. The location was St Helens Junction and the emu was class 319, 319363. The pic is dated 5th March 2015 and the working was Manchester Airport - Liverpool.

Alan's second shot shows three locos - two WCRC class 57s and a class 31, with support coaches. The locos were 57313, 57314 and 31128 Charybdis. The location was Winwick and the date, 3rd March 2015, The working was Carnforth - Burton Wetmore Sidings.

Next are two shots from Ieuan Wood. Arriva liveried class 67, 67001 is pictured dragging DVT 82308 on a Crewe and return working, through Winwick on 28th February 2015.

Ieuan's second pic features one of GBRfs latest class 66s, 66763, at Lea Green on 28th February 2015. The working was Liverpool - Ironbridge.

Jeff Nicholls has sent in the next four shots. First up are two WCRC class 47s, 47746 Top and Tail 47245 on a Carnforth - Stratford-on-Avon charter. The location was Winwick and the date, 2nd March 2015. The dramatic lighting and sleet squall add to the ambience - what a shot. 

Jeff's second shot features a FFPS - Hunterston working through Winwick on 25th February 2015. At the head was EWS (DBS) class 66, 66091.

Pic three from Jeff shows another Top and Tail working but at Springs Branch. Network Rail class 97s, No,97301 T and T 97304, John Tiley, are sandwiching signalling test coaches. The date of the pic was 26th February 2015.

Jeff's final shot shows yet another top and tail set, this one taken at Culcheth. Freightliner class 66, 66585 Top and Tail Freightliner 'PowerHaul' class 70, 70005, are working a Slade Lane - Crewe engineers train on 1st March 2015.

David Wood has sent in the next pic. DRS class 68, 68009 Titan is depicted, light engine, at Winwick on 9th February 2015. The working was Preston Gresty Bridge - Crewe.

Next is a third example from Ieuan Wood. Two DRS class 68s are pictured heading the Tescos intermodal through Winwick on 9th February 2015. The locos were 68004 Rapid and 68007 Valiant.

The next shot is from John Smith and shows another DRS class 68, 68005 Defiant. The working was a returning rugby 'Special', Edinburgh - Carmarthen, on 16th February 2015. The location was Winwick. We are certainly getting plenty of class 68s on our patch lately.


This section comprises two of Geoff Monks's superb scans of older pics, these from 1971. The first shows Mafeking shed on 30th August with Rhodesia Railways 18th class 4-8-2 No.322 on the left. The engine was being kept on standby for Rhodesian Garratts working in from Rhodesia across Botswana. South African 19D, 4-8-2s are on the right. 

Geoff's second shot is also of Mafeking shed but taken on 30th September. 19D class 4-8-2s are on the left and a GMA class 2-8-4 + 2-8-4 Garratt is on the right. The image was stitched from two negatives to create the panorama. Brilliant Geoff.

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