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Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Seven more for Christmas

To conclude the year I am posting today, 23rd December 2014,  seven more shots from five contributors.

I will also take this opportunity to thank all the supporters of the blog and the contributors, without whom there would be no blog. I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year.


First up is a shot from Jeff Nicholls showing EWS (DBS) class 66, 66175 with an Arpley-Doncaster working of Transit type vans. The location was Winwick and the date, 3rd December 2014.

Ieuan Wood's shot of 'The Christmas Shopper' Special is up next. Taken at Chorley on 20th December 2014, the train is headed by DRS class 47, 47853. The working was Manchester Victoria - Preston.

The next two shots are from Ieuan Wood. The 'Christmas White Rose' ran Kings Cross - York on 13th December 2014  headed by Gresley 'A4' 4-6-2, No.4464 Bittern.

Ieuan's next shot features another Special of the same name but running Tyseley - York on the same date, 13th December 2014. The loco at the head was Collett 'Castle' class 4-6-0, No.5043 Earl of Mount Edgcumbe. 

Colin Platt has sent in the next two shots both taken on the NYMR. The first features another Collett 'Castle' class 4-6-0, No.5029 Nunney Castle. The passenger service was passing thorough Beck Hole on 27th September 2014.

The fifth shot in this post is also from Colin. Featured is the Hawksworth, BR Western Region class '15' 0-6-0 pannier tank, No.1501. The location was Grosmont shed and the date, 25th September 2014.

The seventh and final pic has been sent in by Alan Rigby.  Pictured is Virgin Pendolino, 390112, nicknamed 'Traindeer' for obvious reasons. The shot was taken at Winwick on 9th December 2014. The working was Euston - Glasgow.

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

A Christmas Cracker

Yes it really is a Christmas cracker of a post today, 16th December 2014, with 21 pics to view from six contributors.


First up are five pics from Jeff Nicholls. Number one features a Pendolino unit speeding through Bamfurlong in striking morning light. The pic is dated 25th November 2014.

A second shot from Jeff shows a new loco-hauled Arriva  Trains Wales service connecting Chester - Manchester - Holyhead - Manchester - Llandudno to pass through our patch four times daily, on weekdays. Pictured is class 67, 67001 on a Manchester Picadilly - Holyhead working taken in Culcheth on 15th December 2014. DVT 82308 was at the head.

Pic three from Jeff shows one of the recent DRS class 68s, 68003, on a route learner/driver training exercise through Winwick, on 3rd December 2014.

Jeff's fourth shot of class (EWS) DBS class 92, 92039 Johann Strauss, heading a 'Tesco Express', was taken near Winwick from Burtonwood Road, on 3rd December 2014.

A Christmas Mail working through Winwick is the fifth and final shot from Jeff. At the head is DBS class 90, 90028. The working was Dallam Mail  Depot - Shieldmuir empty vans and the date, 3rd December 2014. 

Next up are five shots from Colin Platt, taken on his visits to the NYMR and the SVR, Number one features Charles Collett's 'Castle' class 4-6-0 No.5029 Nunney Castle heading a passenger service at Beck Hole on the NYMR.  The pic is dated 26th September 2014. 

Next from Colin is a pic of an Oliver Bulleid, 'Light Pacific' (BOB), No.34053 Sir Keith Park (re-built by BR).  The location was Eardington Halt on the SVR and the date, 20th September 2014.

Ex Somerset & Dorset Joint Railway class '7F' 2-8-0, No.88 of Henry Fowler, is up next in Colin's third shot. Pictured approaching Bewdley on the SVR on 18th September 2014.

Next is Colin's pic of Edward Thompson 'B1' class 4-6-0, No.61264 masquerading as class member 61034 Chiru, The location is Grosmont (opposite the shed) on the NYMR and the date, 25th September 2014.

The fifth and final shot from Colin features two locomotives -  BR 'Standard' class '5' 4-6-0, No.73129 and BR Western Region ( Frederick Hawksworth), class '15', 0-6-0 pannier tank, No.1501. The location was Bewdley and the date, 18th September 2014.

Another five shots now follow, these courtesy of Alan Rigby. His first four shots all show different views of East Coast class 91, 91110 Battle of Britain Memorial Flight. His first shows the locomotive in York station on 4th December 2014.

A small part of the same side is shown in this pic - the nameplate.  Location and date the same.

Another part of the same side is pictured here, towards the back of the loco. Location and date the same.

The main decal from the opposite side of the loco is pictured here. Location and date the same.

Alan's final shot was taken as East Coast class 91, 91111 Lest We Forget was passing the National Railway Museum in York. The date was the same, 4th December 2014.

John Smith has sent in the next four shots. His first and second show the WCRC class 57s, 57316 (tail) and 57314 (head)  on an Oxley - Carnforth empty coach stock move. This one has 57316 in the foreground, on the tail.

This pic of the same working has class 57, 57314 in the foreground, at the head.

The third shot from John features DBS class 90, 90036 on a Dallam Mail Depot - Shieldmuir  working on 12th December 2014. The location was Winwick.

DRS class 66, 66427 is pictured next in John's fourth shot heading a Carlisle - Crewe empty stock move. The pic is dated 7th December 2014 and the location was Winwick.

David Quayle has sent in the next two shots. His first features the former L&YR class '27', 0-6-0 tender locomotive, No.12322 (52322), of John Aspinall. Gresley 'Streaks' 60009 Union of South Africa and 60007 Sir Nigel Gresley are waiting in the background, at Bury. The pic is dated 18th October 2014.

The second pic from David, shows ex Midland Railway class '4F' 0-6-0, No 43924 of Henry Fowler; it was the first loco rescued from Barry Scrapyard in September 1968. The pic was taken at Bewdley on 9th September 2014.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

More from Preserved Railways

As the title describes this post, 2nd December 2014, features several more shots from the Autumn Preserved Railway Galas.


First up are two pics from Bevan Price.  His first shows GBRf class 66, 66749 on an Ironbridge - LBT biomass working at Huyton, on 28th November 2014.

Number two from Bevan depicts two DRS class 20's topping and tailing a Rail Head Treatment Train (RHTT). At the head is 20303 with 20304 on the rear. The location was Brough in Yorkshire and the date, 1st November 2014.

The next shot has been sent in by Geoff Monks. Pictured is 'Northern Belle' liveried class 47, 47790 Galloway Princess leaving Bolton on 20th November 2014 with a Buckshaw Parkway - Manchester Victoria Christmas 'Special'. The train was for Christmas shoppers, operated by Northern Rail using hired DRS stock. On the tail was DRS class 47, 47818.

The following four shots are from Jeff Nicholls. The first is a Pendolino shot taken at Bank Quay on 18th November 2014; 390 034 was on a Euston - Glasgow service.

Jeff's second pic is of DRS class 47, 47818 again; same Christmas shopping 'Special' as above but taken at Preston on the same date, 29th November 2014.  Class 47, 47790 was up front.

The same 'Special again is pictured next from Jeff with 47790 at the head passing through Lostock Station near Bolton. 47818 on the rear. The date was the same, 29th November 2014.

Next is a preserved class 40 from Jeff, simply numbered 345. The working was Southport - Saltburn and the location was Ladybridge, near Bolton.

Colin Platt has sent in the next four shots taken at the NYMR recently. First up is a shot taken at Waters Ark (just before Goathland) on 27th September 2014. Pictured is Gresley 'Streak' 4-6-2 No.60007 Sir Nigel Gresley, on a passenger service.

Next from Colin is the back end of the same train with ex Lambton Hetton & Joicey Collieries' 0-6-2T locomotive hard at work pushing. The date was obviously, the same

Colin's third shot features the Churchward '2800' class 2-8-0 No.2807 visiting the NYMR from the Gloucester Warwickshire Railway (GWR). The occasion was the GWR themed Gala which also featured a 'Castle' (No.5029 Nunney Castle) and a class '1500' pannier tank (No.1501). The location was approaching Goathland and the date, 27th September 2014.

The '2800' class 2-8-0 is again featured in Colin's fourth shot taken at Goathland Station on 2nd November 2014. Also in the pic is the ELR class 25, D7628  Sybilla arriving with a service from Pickering. The pic is dated 2nd October 2014.

The final three shots are from David Quayle's visits to two Preserved Railways. Gresley 'Streak' No.60009 Union of South Africa is up first heading a Parcels Charter on the ELR. The location was Ramsbottom and the date, 15th October 2010.

Next from David is a busy shed scene on the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway at Haworth. The pic is dated 11th October 2014 and David was up very early in the morning for the shot.

Finally, two Gresley 'Streaks' are featured in this ELR shot from David - 60007 Sir Nigel Gresley on the left and 60009 Union of South Africa waiting in Bury Station, on the right. The pic is dated 18th October 2014.