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Saturday, 31 October 2015

Mix of Diesel and Steam

Today's post, 31st October 2015, features thirteen pics from five contributors, including one 'first-timer'. These thirteen pics take the total to sixty for the month, just short of the March 2015 total.


First up are three pics from Jeff Nicholls. His first shows a shot from the recent ELR Gala with a Pannier tank 0-6-0 powering an autotrain over Brooksbottom Viaduct, Summerseat. The pic is dated 17th October 2015 and the working was Heywood - Ramsbottom.

Jeff's second was taken at Barnetby on 29th September 2015. Pictured is EWS (DBS) class 66, 66099 with an Immingham - Santon iron ore working. 

A third pic from Jeff shows DBS class 67, 67029 on a DB management train running Rugby to Carlisle. The location was Winwick and the date, 7th October 2015.

The next pic is from a new contributor, Aidan Fort. Taken at Bank Quay on 31st May 2011, the retro shot features Colas Rail class 47, 47739 Robin of Templecombe, with a Penrith - Rugby tamper movement.

Ieuan Wood has sent in the next two pics, this one taken on 15th October 2015. Depicted is Freightliner class 66, 66528 Madge Elliot MBE - Borders Railway Opening 2015 heading a FFPS - Immingham working on the route from the power station.

Ieuan's second shot shows Stanier 'Jubilee' class 4-6-0 No.45699 Galatea on the 'Brief Encounter' special. The location was Winwick and the date, 24th October 2015.

Another Alan Rigby narrow gauge railway pic is up next. Taken at the Gwili railway on 8th September 2015 was No.71516 Welsh Guardsman leaving Bronwydd Arms.

Next are six shots from Colin Platt, all taken at the recent SVR Diesel Gala. First up is class 50, 50035 Ark Royal. The pic is dated 1st October 2015 and the location was Bridgnorth.

Colin's second shot is of class 52, D1062 Western Courier, taken on 3rd October 2105 at Bewdley.

Next is class 55 'Deltic', 55019 Royal Highland Fusilier. This is dated 3rd October 2015.the location was Bewdley

D9531 is up next, an ex NCB class 14 diesel shunter, Ernest, taken on 1st October 2015 at Bridgnorth

The next two shots are both steam. This one shows the ex SR 'Battle of Britain' class 4-6-2 of Oliver Bulleid, No.34053 Sir Keith Park. Behind is ex LMS, Fowler/Stanier 'Royal Scot' class 4-6-0 No.46100 Royal Scot and, to the side, an ex GWR 14xx class tank engine of Charles Collett. The location was Bridgnorth and the date, 1st October 2015. 

Colin's sixth shot features ex GWR 'Small Prairie' class 2-6-2, No.4566 of G. J. Churchward. The engine is fronting a dmu on 3rd October 2015 at Bewdley

Saturday, 17 October 2015

Pics from UK and Abroad.

Today's post, 17th October 2015, comprises a record, twenty five pics submitted by 6 contributors - that's forty seven pics for the month, so far, in two posts.


Jeff Nicholls is up first with four pics. First, is this one from the Snowdon Mountain Railway showing engine No.3 Wyddfa getting ready for work. The pic is dated 4th October 2015.

Second from Jeff is DBS 'Tug' 60040 The Territotial Army Centenary, heading the weekly Seaforth - Tinsley steel empties through Newton-le-Willows, on 2nd October 2015. 

Pic three from Jeff shows Colas Rail class 70, 70805 at Red Bank on the Carlisle - Chirk logs working. The pic date was 2nd October 2015.

Barnetby was the location for Jeff's fourth shot. Pictured is DBS class 60, 60100 on a Kingsbury Oil Terminal - Linsey Oil Refinery block train. The pic date was 29th September 2015. Jeff adds that the semaphore signals will disappear at the end of the year.

Next are six shots from Alan Rigby. First up is Ffestiniog Railway No.10, Merddin Emrys on the curve approaching Dduallt Station on 10th September 2015.

Alan's second was taken on the Welsh Highland Railway on 11th September 2015. Pictured is engine No.38 crossing the road at Portmadog, en route to Caernarfon.

The narrow gauge theme continues with Alan's next shot, taken on the Vale of Rheidol Railway on 10th September 2015. The loco pictured is No.9 Prince of Wales.

Next from Alan is class 92, 92018 Stendhal, in Caledonian Sleeper livery at Winwick, working Polmadie - Crewe on 15th September 2015.

Fifth shot from Alan was taken at Winwick on 17th September 2015. Depicted is Fowler/Stanier 'Royal Scot' class 4-6-0, No.46115 Scots Guardsman, working Tebay-Euston. 

Alan's sixth and final shot shows double heading steam locos - 'Princess Coronation' class 4-6-2 No.46233 Duchess of Sutherland, and 'Jubilee' class 4-6-0, No. 45690 Leander at Winwick on 17th September 2015.  The working was Carnforth - Barrow Hill.

Five shots now from David Wood. First two are from abroad - this one taken at Keletti in Hungary on 13th August 2015.

David's second was taken at Hungarian station VAC when he was on his way to Prague. The date was the same, 13th August 2015.

Number three from David features Royal Mail class 325, 325011 route learning through Winwick on 22nd September 2015.

DRS class 57, 57306 is pictured at Winwick with Crewe - Carlisle working on 6th September 2015.

David's fifth pic shows GBRf class 59, 59003 Yeomen Highlander, on a Gloucester - Tuebrook working, light engine, through Winwick on 12th October 2015.

A shot from Ieuan Wood now follows. Depicted on 6th October 2015 at St Helens Junc., is GBRf class 66, 66730 Whitemoor, on a Milford - Seaforth working, in preparation for the Drax biomass runs.

Geoff Monks has sent in the next three pics. The first was taken on 25th September 2015 at Barrow Hill Roundhouse during the LMS-themed gala. Pictured are Stanier '4MT' 2-6-4T No.42500 and class '3F' (Jinty) 0-6-0T,  No.47406.

Geoff's second shot features steam locos No.46233 and 45690 (described above)  in Barrow Hill on 25th September 2015. Geoff took the pic from the recently erected signal box.

DRS class 57s, 57004 and 57011 double head a nuclear flasks train in Geoff's third and final shot, taken at Millmeece on 30th September 2015. The working was Berkeley - Crewe.

Finally are six shots from David Quayle, taken at the Mid Hants Railway on 3rd October 2015. First up is a Ropley shot showing Gresley 'A4' class 4-6-2 No.4464 (60019) Bittern and Stanier 'Black Five' 4-6-0 No.45379. To the right is 'Schools' class 4-4-0 No.925 (30925) Cheltenham

David's second shot, also taken at Ropley, shows Bulleid 'West Country' class 4-6-2, No.34007 Wadebridge.

No.925 Cheltenham features again in the next two shots. This is a close up at Ropley, taken on the same date. 

Same again, through Ropley Station on the same date is No.925 Cheltenham. In the background is loco No.34007 Wadebridge and diesel shunter No.12049.

'Lord Nelson' class 4-6-0 No.850 (30850) Lord Nelson is up next also taken at Ropley on 3rd October 2015.

'Schools' class 4-4-0, No. 925 Cheltenham, is important to David as he remembers it from the 1960's and in a sad state at Tyseley in 1971. The latter scenario is shown in the last pic in this post.

Monday, 5 October 2015

Mix of Rail Eras - Steam, Diesel, Electric.

The leaves are changing to reds and yellows and the late summer/autumn Galas and glorious weather are still providing inspiration and great pics for many of us. This post, 5th October 2015, reflects the above with 22 submissions from six contributors.


The first three pics in this post are from Geoff Monks. First up is a pic of Collett's 'Castle' class 4-6-0, No.5043 Earl of Mount Edgcumbe, on a Tyseley - Carnforth move on 18th September 2015, through Winwick. The move was to enable the loco to work the 'Coastal Explorer' on the following day.

Next from Geoff is the same loco working the 'Coastal Explorer' at Beck Foot on 19th September 2015. The 'Special' ran Birmingham - Carlisle on the WCML and back via the Cumbrian Coast. 5043 worked the train from Carnforth but failed at Carlisle and the return working was diesel hauled.

Geoff's third shot features EWS (DBS) class 66, 66085 at Burton & Holme just north of Carnforth on 19th September 2015. The working was a Carlisle - Kirkby Stephen (via Blackburn) engineers train.

Ieuan Wood has sent in the following trio of pics. First is GBRf class 66, 66706 Nene Valley, on a Liverpool Bulk - Ironbridge working at St Helens Junction on 23rd September 2015.

Next is Freightliner class 66, 66554 on a FFPS-Hunterston empty coal working at Winwick on 23rd September 2015.

Ieuan's third shot was taken at St Helens Junction on 26th September 2015. Pictured is GBRf class 66, 66709 Sorrento, in Mediterranean Shipping Company livery on a biomass working.

The next six pics are from Jeff Nicholls. First up is a Winwick shot from 23rd September 2015. Shown is the Mossend - Daventry intermodal behind four locos. They were EWS (DBS) class 66s, 66119 and 66034 ahead of failed DBS class 90s, 90021 (still in First ScotRail livery) and 90028 (in EWS livery).

Jeff's second shot was taken at Red Bank on 17th September 2015. Two of Stanier's finest are pictured, double heading (with supports) on a Carnforth - Barrow Hill working. The locos were ex LMS 'Princess Coronation' class 4-6-2, No.46233 Duchess of Sutherland and ex LMS 'Jubilee' class 4-6-0, No.45690 Leander.

Number three from Jeff was also taken at Red Bank on the same date. Fowler/Stanier  ex LMS 'Royal Scot' class 4-6-0, No.46115 Scots Guardsman is pictured heading 'The Lakes Express', working Oxenholme - Euston.

The subject of the fourth shot from Jeff is GBRf class 92, 92018 Stendhal, in Caledonian Sleeper livery. The loco, heading two Virgin liveried coaches is  pictured passing the Vulcan Recreation Ground on 15th September 2015.

Pic five from Jeff shows the ELR class 40,40145 (D345) working from Longsight to Springs Branch via the Chat Moss route, then on to Bank Quay and finally, the ELR. The pic is dated 18th September 2015.

Jeff's final shot features Network Rail's 'Flying Banana' at Winwick, on 16th September 2015. Pictured are class 43s - 43013 and 43062 John Armitt.

The next shot is from John Smith, taken at  Winwick on 18th September 2015. The loco is class 40, 40145 (D345) on a Longsight - Castleton working via Bank Quay.

The following six shots are from David Quayle. The first four were all taken at the SVR on 18th September 2015. First is Fowler/Stanier , ex LMS 'Royal Scot' class 4-6-0, No.46100 Royal Scot pictured at Highley station, heading a passenger service.

Next is ex GWR, Churchward class '2800'  2-8-0, No.2857, depicted approaching Highley with a passenger service.

David's third and fourth shots were both taken around Highley: this one features ex BR 'Standard' 'Britannia' class 4-6-2, No.70000 Britannia  with a passenger service.

Also with a passenger service is ex LMS Ivatt class '2', No. 46521.

David's final two shots were taken at the ELR on 20th September 2015. Shot one shows exWD 'Austerity' 0-6-0ST, No.75008 Swiftsure heading a passenger service at Bury.

Class 50 diesel, 50015 (D415) Valiant is pictured next at Bury, with diesel shunter 09024 (D4112) in the background.

A trio from Bevan Price winds up this post. His first pic shows two DBS class 90s double heading the Mossend - Daventry intermodal working on 25th August 2015. The locos were 90018 and 90019 and the location was Winwick Quay.

Next from Bevan is EWS (DBS) class 66, 66057 at Alsager, with an Arpley - Avonmouth working on 31st August 2015.

Bevan's final shot was taken at Earles Sidings on 18th September 2015. Pictured is DBS class 66, 66097, with Washwood Heath - Peak Forest empties.