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Monday, 30 June 2014

A Mixed Bag for June

The result of some fine weather this month, eighteen shots are used in today's post, 30th June 2014. Sent in by just five contributors they comprise diesel, electric and steam classes.


First up are four pics from Ieuan Wood. The first shows the Freightliner/Shanks liveried class 66, 66522 at Winwick on 16th June 2014.

Ieuan's next shot, of GBRf class 66, 66723 Chinook, was taken at Roby on 24th June 2014. The working was Ironbridge - Tuebrook.

Pic three from Ieuan is another from Winwick taken on 21st June 2014. The Carlisle - Chirk logs was the working and the loco was GBRf class 66, 66847.

Another pic from Winwick, this one on the same date as above, 21st June 2014. Ieuan's fourth shot depicts double heading Freightliner 'HeavyHaul' class 70. 70002 and EWS (DBS) class 66, 66135  on a Carlisle-Crewe - Eastleigh railtour.

Alan Rigby has sent in the next four. His first features a NRTT at Earlestown on 24th June 2014. Heading the test train is DRS class 37, 37601, Class 37 - 'Fifty'.

Next is a DRS class 57, 57307 dragging a Virgin 'Voyager' 221 144 on a Kilmarnock - Barton-under-Needwood working. The location was Winwick and the date, 22nd June 2014.

The third pic from Alan shows NR class 57, 57306 on an engineers working , Penrith - Basford Hall. The location was Winwick and the date, 22nd June 2014.

Four locomotives are featured in Alan's fourth shot taken at Winwick on 22nd June 2014. The locos in the consist were (EWS) DBS class 66, 66130; DBS class 60, 60054; DBS class 92, 92005 Mozart and DBS class 92, 92039 Johann Strauss. The working was Carlisle - Arpley.

 The next three shots are from Jeff Nicholls. They are all of the same working, a NRTT with DRS class 37, 37601 Class 37-'Fifty', at the head.. The first  was taken at  Culcheth on 24th June 2014.

Jeff's second shot of the same train was taken on the same date but at Hall Nook Crossing on the Fiddlers Ferry route.

Jeff's third was taken on Earlestown bank, passing Vulcan Village, on the same date.

A trio from Geoff Monks is next. His first shows GBRf class 66, 66710 at Colton South Junction on 12th June 2014. The working was Doncaster - Tyne Coal Terminal.

Geoff's second features DBS class 60, 60020 approaching Colton South Juntion on a Tees Dock - Aldwarke empty steel working. The date was 12th June 2014.

The third shot from Geoff is of GCR HST (43465) on the ECML south of Colton Junction with a Sunderland - Kings Cross service.Same date, 12th June 2014.

Jeff Nicholls has sent in another two shots, these two comparing BR and Preservation eras. Bulleid 'Pacific' No.34053 Sir Keith Park is pictured at Wolverhampton Oxley shed in August 1965. The same locomotive is pictured at Hampton Loade on the SVR, forty nine years later, 15th June 2014.

David Wood's duo end this post. His first shows class 66, 66720 at Whiston on 10th June 2016.

David's second shot features ELR class 40, 40345 heading the 'East Lancs Stalwart' at Newton-le-Willows on 7th June 2014. The working was ELR - Oxford.

Thursday, 12 June 2014

More 68's and Two Railtours

This post, 12th June 2014, is the biggest I have yet produced, mainly due to my recent holiday and absence from my computer. Twenty-one pics are used from seven contributors.


Ieuan Wood has sent in the first two pics showing the recent 'East Lancs Stalwart' railtour from the ELR to Oxford passing through Newton-le-Willows. Class 40, 40305 was at the head, on its first main line run. The pic is dated 7th June 2014

Ieuan's second shot features the same railtour but on the reverse journey. The shot was at Newton-le-Willows again, at sunset, on the same date.

The same railtour is also the subject of pic number three, from Jeff Nicholls. Class 40, 40305 is pictured at Culcheth on the same date, 7th June 2014.

As a comparison with the shot immediately above, Jeff has also sent in a class 40 pictured in the same location in February 1981. The loco is 40106; the tree hasn't changed much in 33 years.

Jeff has also sent in the following duo. Both show the 'Topper Chopper' railtour which ran Crewe - Blackburn - Clitheroe - Kirkby - Crewe . Class 37, 37419 is depicted on the tail of the train as it passes through Winwick on 31st May 2014. This was the first revenue-earning train to pass over the new Todmorden West Curve.

The same train is pictured next, number six overall,and  from the reverse direction with DRS class 20s, 20308 and 20305 at the head.

The 'Topper Chopper' is also the subject of Alan Rigby's two pic. This one shows the train exiting Upholland tunnel on 31st May 2014. The loco at the head was was DRS class 37, 37419.

Alan's second shot features the DRS class 20s, 20308 and 20305, at the head of the 'TC' at Rainford Junction. This is pic number eight, overall.

Yet another shot of the same railtour now follows, this one from Ieuan Wood. Class 37, 37419 is pictured at Rainford Junction on the same date, 31st May 2014. This strangely named railtour was certainly popular with photographers.

Alan Rigby has sent in another pair of pics, The first, number ten overall, depicts a class 185 'Pennine Desiro' unit at St Helens Junction, 185114, on 3rd June 2014. The working was Liverpool- Newcastle.

Pic eleven, again from Alan, shows GBRf class 66, 66738 with an empty biomass working passing through St Helens Junction on 3rd June 2014.

The next four shots are all from John Smith. The first, number twelve overall, features three new DRS class 68s - 68008/007/006 -  being dragged through St Helens Junction by DRS class 37, 37423. The working was Liverpool - Crewe and the date, 11th June 2014.

Pic thirteen from John shows the same train from the front, with the class 37, 37423, to the fore.

John's next pic, number fourteen overall, features an Arriva Trains Wales Test Train at Newton-le-Willows on 8th June 2014. At the head was DVT 82307 with a 'skip' pushing from the rear (see next pic). The working was Crewe - Longsight.

Pic number fifteen, John's fourth, shows the same train from the rear with class 67, 67003 as the main focal point.

Bressingham is the location for the following two shots, both from David Quayle. The first, number sixteen overall shows German class 52, 2-10-0 No.5865 Peer Gynt. The pic is dated 14th May 2014.

Next is David's shot of ex NCB 0-4-0 + 0-4-0, No.6841 William Francis, the only surviving Beyer Garratt standard gauge loco.  The date was the same, 14th May 2014.

Pics eighteen and nineteen are from Colin Platt. The first shows Thompson 'B1' class 4-6-, No.61034 Chiru, at Grosmont on the NYMR on 26th April 2014.

Pic nineteen, again from Colin, features Maunsell 'Schools' class 4-4-0, No.30926 Repton, awaiting maintenance at Grosmont on the same date, 26th April 2014.

Jeff Nicholls has sent in this pic number twenty, showing the DRS class 68s being dragged by DRS class 37 -  pictured and described above. The location was Winwick and the date, 11th June 2014.

The final pic, number twenty-one, was taken at Red Bank by David Wood on 19th May 2014. The working was an intermodal and the locos were Freightliner class 86s - 86638 and 86637.