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Friday, 2 September 2011

A Class 86 and Three Class 57s

Today's post, 2nd Sptember 2011, comprises shots of a class 86 and three class 57 locos, sent in by three contributors.

The first two pics are both of the same working; Geoff Monks's shot is first. Pictured is the blue class 86, 86259 Les Ross, on the Euston - Preston leg of the 'Cathedrals Express' railtour. The date was August 25th 2011, and the location, Froghall Lane, Warrington.

John Smith has sent in the second pic showing the same working, but taken at Red Bank.

The loco 86259 has a chequered history. Built at BR Doncaster Works in 1966 as one of 100 class AL6 locos, she enterd service as E3137. She was renumbered under the TOPS scheme as 86045 and later, after rebuilding as a class 86/2, as 86259. She received the name Peter Pan in 1979 and in 1995 was renamed Greater Manchester Life and Soul of Britain. She was renamed again in 2002 as Les Ross, a Birmingham-based disc jockey, apparently. She was withdrawn from service a year later. Loco 86259 is currently owned, in preservation, by the AC Locomotive Group and sports the 'BR electric blue' livery.

Pics three, four and five all depict class 57 locos. The first, shot number three, is from David Wood. Virgin class 57, 57302 Thunderbirds Virgil Tracy, is shown light engine, passing through Earlestown station, on 13th July 2011.

Another Virgin class 57 is the focus of Geoff Monks's shot, pic number four. 573xx, another of the Thunderbirds series, is shown on a Manchester Piccadilly - Holyhead working on April 8th 2006. The location was Winwick and the direction, southbound.

The fifth and final pic is a second from David Wood. DRS Class 57, 57011, is shown passing northbound, through Winwick, heading three freshly painted . The date was 17th June 2011.

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