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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

More Winwick and Alternatives

Today's post, 20th February 2013, comprises six Winwick area shots and six more in the Alternative UK section. Six contributors are represented.

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The January 2013 monthly competition is also open for voting. The voting system is simple - just send me the yellow January code numbers of the three pics you have chosen as 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each section, Winwick and Alternatives (UK and World combined). All January dated pics posted between January 12th and February 2nd are eligible and have code numbers. My email address is at the top of the blog.


David Hennessey has provided our first two pics. Number one shows the TATA Steel liveried class 60, 60099, with an empty coal hopper working off Slutchers Lane. The pic is dated 16th February 2013.

Code - February W5

David's second shot features the blue class 86, 86259 Les Ross, on the 'Winter Cumbrian Express' at Bank Quay. The pic is dated 16th February 2013.

Code - February W6

Pic number three is from Jeff Nicholls. Freightliner 'PowerHaul' class 70, 70015, is pictured on a short Crewe-Carlisle engineers working on 13th February 2013.

Code - February W7

Our fourth pic is from Bob McClellan. Depicted is the daily 'Russell' intermodal working headed by DRS class 66, 66433, through Winwick on 13th February 2013.

Code - February W8

GBRf class 66, 66717 Good Old Boy is next, in pic number five, from David Wood. Taken at Winwick on 30th January 2013 the working was biomass.

The 'silver bullets' (china clay) working is next although the tanks are hardly shining these days. The pic, number six, was taken on 7th February 2013, by Alan Rigby. The loco at the head is EWS (DBS) class 92, 92019 Wagner;  the location was Winwick.
 Code - February W9



First up, pic number seven, is from Matthew Chambers. Matthew travelled to Doncaster on 16th February 2013 to photograph the newly named GNER class 91, 91007 SKYFALL. The loco with its MK4 set was vinyl wrapped with James Bond artwork related to the latest film. The selected loco was 91107, re-numbered of course. The naming ceremony had been held at Euston  earlier on the same day.

Code - February A6

Pic number eight from Matthew shows the the other end of the train with DVT 82231 branded in a similar way. The date was the same, 16th February 2013.

Code - February A7

Double heading class 37s are up next, pic number nine from Matthew again. Taken at Bescot on a Pathfinder Tours charter, the DRS 37s were 37218 and 37609. This pic is dated 7th February 2013.

Code - February A8

Ex GNR class 'N2' 0-6-2 tank, No.1744 (BR No.69523), is up next from David Quayle, pic number ten. Quorn & Woodhouse on the GCR was the location and the pic is dated 26th January 2013.


David has also sent in pic number eleven. The William Stanier and Oliver Bulleid duo of 4-6-0 No.45407 The Lancashire Fusilier and 4-6-2 No.34046 Braunton are the focus on the ELR at Bury. The pic is dated 19th January 2013.

The final pic, number twelve, has been sent in by Alan Rigby. Pictured is the WCRC class 47, 47500, which hit the headlines a few weeks ago for catching fire near Manchester. In Alan's shot the loco is temporarily stored at the Museum of Science and Industry. Alan's pic was taken on 7th February 2013.

Code - February A9

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