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Monday, 25 February 2013

Mix of Steam, Electric and Diesel.

Twelve pics comprise today's post, 25th February 2013. Six contributors are represented.


First up is a pic from David Hennessey. DBS class 60, 60011, is pictured at Slutchers Lane on the FFPS 'coal run' on 16th February 2013.

Code - February W10

Next, pic number two, is from Bob McClellan. Another DBS class 60, 60092, is shown close to Fiddlers Ferry Marina on an empty coal working. The pic is dated 21st February 2013.

Code - February W11

Jeff Nicholls has sent in pic number three.  The TATA steel liveried 'tug' is shown at Winwick on 13th February 2013, in a blizzard. The working was coal (what would we photograph without coal?).

Code - February W12

The same loco is pictured next, pic number four, from Bob McClellan. The working this time is gypsum and the location, Red Bank. Bob's pic is dated 13th February 2013.

 Code - February W13


Our next two pics have been supplied by Jeff Nicholls. Number five shows EWS (DBS) class 66, 66083, on a car transporter (land rovers) Halewood - Southampton working through Tamworth on 20th February 2013.

Code - February A10

Pic six from Jeff was taken at the same location on the same date. Pictured is privately owned 90003, Raedwald of East Anglia, in Greater Anglia branding and DRS class 47, 47802. The 90 has been under repair at Crewe and is currently out of service.

Code - February A11

Pic seven is from David Quayle. Taken over the weekend at the ELR Gala David's shot features the ex BR 'Standard' class '4MT' 2-6-4, No.80080, standing at Bury Baron Street. The pic is dated 23rd February 2013.

Code - February A12

Pic number eight is also from David's trip to the same Gala. Ex LNER 'K4' class 4-6-0, No 61994 The Great Marquess, is shown double heading, tail to tail, with Stanier 'Black 5' 4-6-0, No. 45407 The Lancashire Fusilier. The location was Bury Baron Street and the date, 23rd February 2013.

 Code - February A13

David Wood has sent in the next two pics. Number ten shows Freightliner 'PowerHaul' class 70, 70016, heading a Network Rail engineers working about to pass GBRf class 66, 66701, with an intermodal working. The pic is dated 20th February 2013; the location was Chorlton.

Code - February A14

The same pairing as shown in pic number six above, is repeated in pic eleven from David. The location was different however - Chorlton - but the date was the same 20th February 2013.

Code - February A15

Matthew Chambers has sent in pics eleven and twelve. Pic eleven was taken at Doncaster on 16th February 2013. Pictured is double heading pair of GBRf class 66s, 66729 Derby County and 66713, Forest City.

Code - February A16

The final pic, number twelve, from Matthew features a coal working taken at Wigan North Western Station on 7th February 2013. A low sun has produced an excellent 'glinter' pic, side-lighting the train headed by TATA steel liveried class 60, 60099.

Code - February A17

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