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Saturday, 18 August 2012

Diesels, Steam and Electrics

Welcome to post number 400. For this post, 18th August 2012, I am using twelve pictures from eight contributors covering all types and classes of locomotives, including some from Germany and Latvia.


Pic number one in this Winwick area section features the preserved class 47, 47580 County of Essex, heading the 'North Wales Coast Express' near Culcheth, on 5th August 2012. The loco was replacing the failed 'A4' class 4-6-2 steam loco, No.60009 Union of South Africa. This pic is from Jeff Nicholls.

Code - August W4

Pic number two is another from Jeff. Two class 47s are shown at Winwick on 2nd August 2012. WCRC 47798, Prince William, is shown double heading with the preserved 47580, County of Essex, on a Carnforth - Crewe empty stock move for the following day's 'Scarborough Spa Express'.

Code - August W5

Our third pic is from Bob McClellan. This one depicts the blue liveried class 60, 60074 Teenage Spirit, on a coal working approaching St Helens Junction. To increase the Winwick area for photographs I will, from now on, include thoses taken slightly further afield from Earlestown, at St Helens Junction. Bob's pic is dated 2nd August 2012.

Code - August W6

Pic number four is from David Quayle. Taken on 26th April 2012, the pic features Freightliner 'PowerHaul' class 70, 70016, on a coal run through Winwick.


Pic number five, the first in this section has been sent in by David Wood. Yellow/Grey class 507 units (?) of MerseyRail are shown at Chester on 31st July 2012.

Pic number six, of Stanier 'Black Five' 4-6-0, No.44932, is from Ieuan Wood. Ieuan took the shot at York on 31st July 2012.

Our seventh shot has been sent in by Bob McClellan. DBS class 60, 60059 Swinden Dalesman, is pictured at Stenson Junction with a Kingsbury - Humber empty tanks working. The pic is dated 10th August 2012.

Code - August  A1

John Smith's shot of Freightliner class 90, 90016 is next, pic number eight.The loco is shown heading an intermodal working, Garston - Crewe. The pic was taken at Acton Bridge on 8th August 2012.

Code - August A2

The West Somerset Railway is featured next with pic number nine from David Quayle.The location was Bishops Lydeard and the loco is class 47, D1661 North Star. David's pic is dated 11th June 2012.

The Isle of Man is represented next, with pic number ten from David Hennessey. Manx electic railway unvestibuled saloon car No.1 is shown standing at Bulgham. This car is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the world's oldest, working electric tram. David's pic is dated 29th July 2012.


Pic number one in this section, number eleven overall, was taken on David Quayle's summer holiday. The location was Hamburg and the trains were crossing a bridge over the Alster Lakes between the inner (Binnenalster) and outer (AuBenalster). The shot is over Binnenalster which is in central Hamburg. David was out walking when he took the shot, with a long lens, on 22nd July 2012.

The final pic in today's post, number twelve, is another from David. This one was taken in Latvia's capital city, Riga, on 18th July 2012. The bridge crosses the River Daugava.

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