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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Drainage Work at Winwick

I am using this post to inform everyone of the current drainage work, ongoing at Winwick. Pictures below emphasise the problem facing photographers. The duration of the work is not known yet. Also in today's post, 29th August 2012, are twelve other pics covering locations in the UK, IOM and Sweden.

The blog has been modified from today. Because of the huge numbers of pics (1826) posted to date a third PICASA slide show has been required to show them all.  Also a new feature has been added - the top ten posts to date (updated continuously). If you like the changes please let me know and if you can suggest any other mods, let me know about them also.


First up, pic number one,  is a montage shot from yours truly taken yesterday, 28th August 2012. Pictured is the drainage work at Winwick which will seriously impact on any  photography (southbound workings) for the near future. On top is a shot of EWS (DBS) class 66, 66060, with an engineers working, passing workmen who are placing a marker pole. Beneath is a shot showing the machines at work in the farmer's field adjacent to the line.

Pic number two is from Jeff Nicholls. The 'Ynys Mon Express' railtour is the subject, taken at Bank Quay on 27th July 2012. Heading the train is WCRC class 47, 47854 Diamond Jubilee. The railtour ran Carlisle - Holyhead.

Our third shot is another from myself. Pictured is DRS class 66, 66432 heading the 'Malcolm' intermodal through Winwick today, 28th August 2012.

 Code - August W12

Pic number four has been sent in by Ken Young. Ken's pics remind me of buses, none sent in for ages then a whole host all at once. This one features the preserved, blue class 86, 86259 Les Ross, on a 'special' at Bank Quay on 14th June 2012. On the left is an unknown 'Pendolino'.

The fifth and final shot in this section is anther from Ken Young. The preserved class 47, 47580 County of Essex, is pictured at Bank Quay on 5th August 2012.

Code - August W13


David Quayle's pic taken on the Swanage Railway is up next, pic number six overall. Pictured is class 33, 33111 (D6528) standing at Swanage on 17th June 2012.

Our seventh shot is a third from Ken Young. Featured is First Great Western class 43 HST, 43040, standing at Hereford with a EWS (DBS) class 66, 66172, in the foreground. The pic is dated 23rd May 2012.

Ieuan Wood has sent in the next pic, number eight, taken at Llandudno on 29th July 2012. Royal Train liveried class 47, 47798 Prince William, is shown standing in the station.

Pic number nine is from Alan Rigby. Stanier 'Black Eight' (class '8F') 2-8-0 is depicted on 'The Fellsman' railtour at Hoghton, on 18th July 2012.

John Smith has sent in pic number ten, taken at Mill Lane, St Helens on 19th August 2012. The pic features John Cameron's famous 'Streak', No.60009 Union of South Africa.  The railtour was Liverpool - Holyhead.

Code - August  A8

David Hennessey's series of IOM pics is continued with pic number eleven. Manx Electric Railway 'Tunnel' car No.5 is shown standing at Douglas Derby Castle with trailer No.46 and mail van No.4. david's pic is dated 25th July 2012.

Geoff Monks has supplied pic number twelve. GBRf 66, 66720, in its psychedelic livery is pictured approaching Manchester Oxford Road with a Barton Dock - Felixstowe intermodal working. Geoff's pic is dated 24th August 2012.

Code - August A9


The thirteenth pic, first and only one in this section, was taken in Stockholm, Sweden, by David Quayle. The pic is dated 17th July 2012.

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NOTE : Because the blog had a two weeks recess at the beginning of the month I will accept August dated entries until September 6th. On September 10th voting can start for the 'Pic of the Month' - August ompetition. August dated pics posted after September 6th (if numbers are too high) will not qualify for competition.
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