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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Monthly Competitions

This post is dated 8th February 2012. To alleviate the problem of sifting through a few hundred pics at the end of December for 'Pic of the Year', the response to my post about monthly competitions has been very positive. Comments / options have all been taken on board and the 'rules' are detailed below.

Pics of any date can be forwarded for the blog in any month but....Only pics taken in the month that they were posted qualify for pic of that month. Example  - only a pic dated February and placed in a February post will qualify for 'Pic of the Month, February'. If a pic dated February is placed in a later post, say March, it does not qualify for 'Pic of the Month, February' as it will have already been judged. This applies to all months. See special NOTE below for a single exception.

It is essential that correct dates accompany pics forwarded for blog inclusion. Embedded digital data will be used as back-up.

Not all pics submitted to the blog can be posted in any month if too many pics have been submitted to the 'bank'. I am inundated at times with pics but care will be taken to ensure that every contributor is represented.

Voting for your own pics is not allowed. Only one voting entry per person. All contributors / readers / viewers qualify to vote.

Two sections - 'Winwick Area' and 'Alternatives (UK & World)'. The pics in each post are now separated into corresponding sections to make voting easy. Choose your THREE favourite photographs in each section (see below). The pictures will gain 3, 2 and 1 point(s) respectively for places 1, 2 and 3. The pictures that accumulate the highest number of points in each section will be declared a winner.

All emailed submissions will be viewed, in strict confidence, by myself only.

When votes are in for all 12 months, (end January 2013) the 12 winning pictures in each section will be placed on separate posts and voting will commence to find the Best Winwick Pic, Best Alternatives Pic and overall 'Best Pic of 2012'.

The January 2012 competition has obviously closed.  I am not brilliant at counting but something like 29 pics, dated January 2012, were entered in that month.

Please vote asap for January : Closing date 29th February.

Best Winwick Area Pic          1st              Pic No.         Post date        Photographer
Best Winwick Area Pic          2nd             Pic No.         Post date        Photographer
Best Winwick Area Pic          3rd              Pic No.         Post date        Photographer

Best Alternatives Pic              1st              Pic No.         Post date        Photographer
Best Alternatives Pic              2nd             Pic No          Post date        Photographer
Best Alternatives Pic              3rd              Pic No.         Post date        Photographer

NOTE (added 9th February 2012) An anomaly has occurred with the voting for January. As the rules above only appeared on 8th February, several pics dated January but appearing on the blog between 1st and 8th February were disadvantaged because they did not appear during the calendar month of January. To be fair, and for this month only, I will accept votes for all pics dated January 2012 and  appearing on the blog between 1st January and 8th February - for 'January Pics of the Month'. Get voting. This increases the number of qualifying pics from 29 to 34, approximately. And, to make things easier for everyone I have highlighted which pics qualify for each award - no excuses for not voting.

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