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Friday, 17 February 2012

From Winwick to Wakefield

I can't believe it's 17th February 2012 already - Christmas seems like yesterday. Four shots in each section today, Winwick area and Alternatives.


First shot is from Jeff Nicholls, taken at Winwick on 1st February 2012. The HST test train is shown on a cold winter's day with part frozen  'Lake Winwick' to the fore. Locos, front and back are class 43s, 43014 and 43013.

** This pic qualifies for Winwick Area 'Pic of the Month, February 2012'

Next, pic number two, is from Matthew Chambers. Featured is DBS class 60, 60011, on a Pathfinder Tours railtour through Earlestown on 17th December 2011.

Pic number three has been sent in by Ken Young. One of the latest Freightliner 'PowerHaul' class 70s, 70014 is shown on a loaded coal working for Fiddlers Ferry. The location is Slutchers Lane (low level line) and the date, 26th January 2011.

Dave Harris has sent in pic number four (I'm surprised no-one else has this one) of two class 73s en route through Winwick on 15th February 2012. Dave adds that the train was supposed to be running around the Mersey Rail Network but was recalled early to Derby. The working was a Wigan - Derby test train with (B.A.R owned) 73107 Redhill 1844-1944 at the head and (A.C.Locomtive Group owned) 73138 pushing.

** This pic qualifies for Winwick Area 'Pic of the Month, February 2012'


Next up, pic number five, is one of Geoff Monks' NCB specials. Pictured is 0-6-0T Hudswell Clarke loco 895, built in 1909, taking loaded wagons from the NCB Bedlay Colliery near Coatbridge, to the BR exchange yard. Geoff's pic is dated 20th April 1979.

Pic number six is from David Quayle's extensive library of steam gala pics.  This one shows Charles Collett  'Hall' class 4-6-0, No.4953 Pitchford Hall, in the distance and Richard Maunsell 'King Arthur' class 4-6-0, No. 30777 Sir Lamiel,  on a passenger working at Quorn & Woodhouse on the GCR. The pic is dated 28th January 2012.

Barry Rigby has sent in the next shot, number seven, of a cold and dusty Peak Forest. EWS (DBS) class 66, 66128, is working empty stone hoppers for Tunstead Quarry on 8th February 2012.

** This pic qualifies for Alternatives 'Pic of the Month, February 2012'

The final shot in this post, number eight, is from John Smith. John's pic was taken at Calder Bridge Junction, Wakefield, on 4th April 2007. Featured is Metronet liveried class 66, 66719 METRO-LAND heading a gypsum working, Cottam Power Station - Newbiggin.

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