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Monday, 21 January 2013

DRS Training

Today's post, 21st January 2013, features the recent DRS 'Rail Express' driver training runs through our area. Including these, I have used ten pics in the three sections below.


First up is John Smith's shot of this working which had class 47s topping and tailing. John's shot was taken  as the train was entering Lea Green Station on a foggy day, 9th January 2013. DRS class 47, 47501 Craftsman was at the head, with 47853 on the tail. The working was Crewe - Stoke via Liverpool.

Code - January W5

Next, pic number two, of the same working but on a later date, 16th January 2013, is from Jeff Nicholls. The working, with 47853 on the rear and 47501, Craftsman, at the head was taken at Sankey Viaduct, Newton-le-Willows.
Code - January W6

Pic number three was sent in by  Bob McClellan.  The same working was taken at Parkside Junction on 18th January 2013.

Code - January W7

The fourth and final pic in this section is another from Jeff Nicholls. Jeff's shot of the 'Tesco Express' was taken at sunrise on 16th January 2013 - maybe we should title this one the 'Tesco Sunrise Express'. The location was Winwick. The locos were DRS class 66s - 66424 and 66427
 Code - January W8


Pics five, six and seven are part of a  series of 'different' pics taken at Carnforth by Matthew Chambers.  The date was 12th January 2013. Pic five shows ex EW&S class 37, 37668, which appears to be available for repair or spares.
Code - January A3

Pic number six shows the Load Haul class 37, 37710, which appears to be heading for scrap or perhaps is being cannibalised for spares.
Code - January A4

Pic number seven features the Fragonset class 47, 47355, which may be heading for scrap.
Code - January A5

Pic number eight is from Jeff Nicholl's recent trip to the ELR Gala. He returned with a unique shot taken in the snow at Ramsbottom Station on 19th January 2013. In Jeff's pic 'Jinty' 0-6-0 tank, No. 47324, renumbered as 47584, is standing in the station as the fireman lives up to his name and attends a brazier thus preventing the water column from freezing.
Code - January A6

 RETRO PICS (pre 2000)

David Quayle has sent in pics nine and ten. Pic nine shows Stanier Black Five 4-6-0 at Milnthorpe with a freight working on 11th July 1966.

Taken four days earlier is David's panoramic shot of Sunderland Shed - how many classes can you spot. This is pc number ten.

The final shot in this post, number eleven, is from Bevan Price. Taken at Tuam in Ireland his pic shows locomotives B170 and B175 on a CIE (Córas Iompair Éireann) service at Tuam. Bevan's pic was taken on 12th June 1977. CIE is responsible for the majority of public transport in Ireland.

Voting continues for the 'Pic of the Month', December 2012 competition. The voting system is simple - just send me the yellow December code numbers of the three pics you have chosen as 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each section, Winwick and Alternatives (UK and World combined). All December dated pics posted between December 6th and January 3rd are eligible and have code numbers. My email address is at the top of the blog. Everyone reading this post is eligible to vote, contributor or not. 

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