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Monday, 10 September 2012

Locos from England, Wales and Germany

As the title describes, today's post 10th September 2012, comprises pictures of  locomotives from many localities in England, from Holyhead in Wales (Anglesey) and from Warnemunde in Germany. Eleven pics are used from nine contributors.


First up is a special railtour photographed by Jeff Nicholls on 6th September 2012. Jeff explains that 'The Africa Express' ran for a week and was chartered by Damon Albarn of Blur. Eighty African musicians were transported around the country to promote African music. The DRS class 47 locos were 47810 (front) and 47805 (rear). The location was Parkside curve.
Code - September W2

Next pic, number two, is from Ken Young. DBS class 60, 60091, is featured passing Arpley with coal for FFPS. Ken's pic is dated 12th June 2012.

John Smith has provided pic number three showing the psychedelic livery of GBRf class 66, 66720. The location was Golborne, the working was FFPS - Newbiggin gypsum, and the date was 4th September 2012.

Code - September W3

Freightliner 'PowerHaul' class 70, 70013 is featured next, in pic number four from Alan Rigby. The working was FFPS- Ellesmere Port coal empties and the location was Monks Siding. The pic is dated 5th September 2012.

Code - September W4

Pic number five is another from Jeff Nicholls. The location for EWS (DBS) class 92, 92036, was Bank Quay and the date, 1st September 2012. Jeff was attracted by the loco carrying a set of BR arrows some 18 years after Privatisation, and a set of depot plaques. The three pics make up into an interesting montage.

Code - September W5


Bob McClellan is up first in this section, pic number six. He visited the Chasewater Railway Industrial Gala on 8th September 2012 and took this shot of two 0-4-0ST locos belching out exhaust for the watching gallery. The first loco was No.3 Colin McAndrew and the second, ex NCB loco Linda.

Code - September A1

Ieuan Wood has sent in pic number seven showing the Royal liveried class 47, 47798 Prince William. The location was Holyhead and the date, 29th July 2012.

Matthew Chambers has provided pics numbered eight and nine, of the same working at Waterorton on 1st September 2012. Number eight shows Colas class 56, 56094 in front, with Electric Traction Limited's red and grey class 86, 86701 Orion, behind.

Code - September A2

Pic number nine shows the same duo from the opposite end.

Code - September A3

Geoff Monks has supplied pic number ten of GBRf 'Metronet' liveried class 66, 66719 METRO-LAND. The location was Colton Junction, the working was coal from Tyne Dock to West Burton Power Station and the date, 3rd September 2012.

Code - September A4


Pic number eleven is from David Quayle's summer holiday showing a German rail scene. The location is Warnemunde which is a stop off point for cruise ships (an example can be seen in the background) enabling passengers to access Berlin. David's shot is dated 30th July 2012.

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