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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Six Photographs, Nine Locos

Six different contributors have sent in pics for today's post, 10th January 2012, with no less than nine locomotives featured in four classes.

First up is a pic from Geoff Monks showing a double heading pair of Colas Rail class 47 locos, Nos 47749 Demelza and 47739 Robin of Templecombe. The working was a barrier move, Carlisle - Bristol Staple Hill, and the location, Winwick. The pic is dated 22nd December 2011.

Bob McClellan's shot of EWS class 66, 66016, is up next, pic number two. The coal working was pictured at Winwick on 23rd August 2005.

Next, pic number three, has been sent in by Matthew Chambers. Double heading, light engine pair of Freightliner class 66s, Nos 66509 and 66957, are shown passing Walton working back to Crewe. This pic is dated 24th February 2011.

The pair of double heading, light engine class 66s featured in yesterday's post, return today, pictured at Earlestown by Alan Rigby. The pic, number four, is from the opposite end of the pair with GBRf liveried 66720 to the fore (dragging Colas Rail liveried 66743). The working was Peterborough - Longport and the date. 6th January 2012. The coloured livery featured on 66720 is explained in the previous post.

** This pic qualifies for 'Winwick Area Pic of the Month Jan 2012'

One of the latest batch of Freightliner 'PowerHaul' class 70s to arrive on these shores, 70013, is depicted in the fifth shot, from John Smith. The Crewe - Liverpool Bulk Terminal working was captured at Winwick on 6th January 2012.

** This pic qualifies for 'Winwick Area Pic of the Month Jan 2012'

The last shot, number six, has been sent in by Barry Rigby. It is an old pic from 1966 and in monochrome. The freight train, headed by BR 'Standard' class 9F, 92114, was travelling through Winwick towards Warrington.

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