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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Mixed Traction - Steam & Diesel

A fine selection of mixed traction is on show in today's post 21st October 2014.


First up are four pics from John Smith. His first features GBRf class 66, 66849 Wylam Dilly on the Carlisle-Chirk logs working. The location was Winwick and the date, 18th October 2014.

Next is John's shot of Freightliner 'PowerHaul' class 70, 70004 on a huge engineers train at Winwick. The working was Kirkham-Crewe and 70010 was on the tail. The pic is dated 19th October 2014.

Pic number three from John shows a convoy of 4 diesels en route from the SVR to the ELR on 8th October 2014. They were D9009 (55009) Alycidon; 50015 (D415) Valiant; 37109; 55019 Royal Higland Fusilier. The location was a backlit Earlestown.

John's fourth and final pic was taken at Broad Lane, Collins Green on 17th October 2014. Pictured is GBRf class 66, 66760 with an Ironbridge - Liverpool biomass working.

Next are five shots from David Quayle's excursions to Preserved Railways on both sides of the Pennines. First up is a shot of un-rebuilt Bulleid 'Pacific', 'WC' class, No.34092 City of Wells at Haworth on the K&WVR, on 11th October 2014. Ex BR class '8F' 'Austerity' No.90733 is behind with ex USA loco No.5823 last in this consist of three.

David's second shot features the same Bulleid 'Pacific' No.34092 at Keighley with two other locos in shot - ex LMS/BR, Fowler 0-6-0 class '4F'  No.43924 to the fore, and ex BR, WD (War Department) class  '8F' 'Austerity' 2-8-0, No.90733 in the background.

Shot number three from David shows Gresley 'A4' class 4-6-2 ('Streak') No.60009 Union of South Africa heading a Parcels Charter on the ELR at Ramsbottom. The pic is dated 15th October 2014.

David's next shot was also taken on the ELR on 15th October 2014. Pictured on the Brooksbottom Viaduct on the same Parcels Charter is No.60009 again.

The fifth and final shot from David was taken on 11th October 2014 at Keighley. The locomotive is ex USATC (United States Army Transportation Corps)  'S160' class 2-8-0, No.5820. The class of over 2,000, was designed for use in Europe during the Second World War. Over 400 were used in the UK to supplement home numbers and replace war-ravaged stock.

Another two from my recent NYMR visit now follow. The first shows Thompson 'B1' class 4-6-0, No.61264 masquerading as class member 61034 Chiru, passing Grosmont shed on 22nd September 2014. Gresley 'Streak' No.60007 Sir Nigel Gresley is in the background.

My second pic was also taken at Grosmont shed on the same date and shows Gresley 'A4' class 'Pacific' No.60007 Sir Nigel Gresley, standing above an inspection well at the coaling plant.

Ieuan Wood has sent in the following pair of pics. First up is the Gresley 'A4' No.60007 again, this one taken at Burrs on the ELR on 18th October 2014.

Taken at the same location on the same date is Ieuan's shot of the recently restored Hughes/Fowler 'Crab' No.13065 (42765). The class of 245, 2-6-0 ‘Crabs’ was built between 1926-1931.

Geoff Monk's shot of GBRf electro-diesel No.73961 (ex 73209, 73120, E6026) has been converted to a class 73/9 at the Brush Traction Works at Loughborough in 2014. The loco is undergoing tests on the GCR and resident class 31, D5830, is leading. The pic is dated 2nd October 2014.

Jeff Nicholls has provided the next four pics. Up first is DRS class 66, 66305 on the 'Tesco Express' at Winwick, on 8th October 2014. Normally a class 92 is associated with this working.

DBS (note the 'sticker') class 60 60065 Spirit of Jaguar is next pictured at Earlestown on 8th October 2014. The working was LBT - FFPS coal.

Next is Jeff's shot of Deltic class 55, D9009 (55009) Alycidon at Irwell Vale on the ELR. Jeff adds that the loco is runnung on one engine. The pic is dated 12th October 2014.

The same diesel consist described in John Smith's pic above is shown in Jeff's shot, this one at Culcheth on the same date, 8th October 2014 i.e. 55009, 50015, 37109 and 55019. This is another of Jeff's high iso shots taken in very low light (iso 3200).

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