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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

More 68s

As the heading refers to, this post 9th September 2014, includes three more pics of the latest class 68 arrivals through Liverpool Docks, plus a further mix of steam, diesel and electric. Fourteen shots in total from five contributors.


Paul Holland has sent in the first two pics for this post. The first was taken at Totnes (Littlehemston) Station, the southern most terminus on the South Devon Railway and features a Collett 'Goods' 0-6-0 tender locomotive No.3205. The loco was built by the GWR in Swindon in 1946 and is the sole surviving member of the 120-strong 2251 class of locomotives designed by Charles Collett.

Paul's second shot was taken on the Dart Valley Railway at Kingswear and shows the large 'Prairie' class 2-6-2 locomotive, No.4277 Hercules. The G. J. Churchward loco was built in December 1920 at Swindon Works and withdrawn from British Railways in 1964. It has suvived in preservation since 1986. Note the superb observation coach. 

Next up are five shots from Ieuan Wood. His first depicts DCR class 56, 56303 at Springs Branch where it awaits recovery, by another DCR class 56, 56312. 56303 had blown a turbo near Wigan heading a ballast working on 2nd September 2014, the date of Ieuan's shot. It was sheduled to be moved on the following day.

Ieuan's second pic features a close up of one of the latest class 68s, 68012, one of three being dragged through Lea Green from Liverpool. The shot is dated 29th August 2014.

Double heading class 90s are pictured next in the third shot from Ieuan. Dated 30th August 2014, the pic shows Freightliner class 90s, 90049 and 90045, on a Coatbridge - Crewe intermodal passing through Winwick.

Ieuan's fourth shot was taken at Frodsham on 6th September 2014. Colas Rail (Freight) loco 56105, is pictured on the logs Carlisle-Chirk working.

The same working with the same loco is up next taken at Winwick on 30th August 2014.

The following four shots are from Jeff Nicholls. First is a shot of DRS class 57, 57007 dragging the latest three class 68s - 68013,014 and 015 - from Liverpool Docks to DRS Carlisle, on 29th August 2014. The location was Earlestown.

Next is the same working in reverse, also at Earlestown on the same date.

Jeff's third shot features top and tail class 67s on a Mossend - Derby NWTT. The locos are 67003T and T67020 and the location was Winwick. The pic is dated 27th August 2014.

The fourth and final shot from Jeff shows a 'Northern Belle' stock move, Crewe-Leeds, on 29th August 2014. The location was near Vulcan Village and the DRS locos in charge were 47828T and T47805.

The next two pics are from John Smith. The first was taken at Garswood on 3rd September 2014 (afternoon). Featured is a NW Driving Trailer Coach No.9701 at the head of a test train. A DRS class 37 is on the tail,

John's second shot shows the same NWTT at St Helens Junction on the same date (evening) with DRS class 37, 37409 Lord Hinton at the head.

The final shot in this post is from Alan Rigby. Pictured at Brundall on 2nd August 2014, is DRS class 47, 47501 Craftsman heading a Great Yarmouth - London Liverpool Street service.

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