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Thursday, 21 November 2013

From Winwick to Cumbria to Scotland

In this post, 21st November 2013, I am using a thirteen pics from four contributors. The pics cover the Winwick area, the 'Cumbrian Jubilee' special and retro shots from Scotland.


First up are a couple of pics from Ieuan Wood. Pic number one features DBS class 60, 60024, on a loaded LBT-FFPS coal working through Winwick, on 16th November 2013.
 Code - November W7 

Ieuan's second shot shows the 'Tesco Express' intermodal headed by a DBS class 92, 92015, through Winwick on the same date, 16th November 2013.
Code - November W8  

Pics numbered three, four and five are from Jeff Nicholls. Freightliner class 66, 66551 is shown in pic number three, heading a Crewe-Carlisle engineers working over the High Level Mersey Bridge. The pic is dated 8th November 2013.
 Code - November W9 

A NRTT (Network Rail Test Train) is featured next, pic number four from Jeff. NR liveried class 97, 97301  is pictured with DRS class 37, 37194 sandwiching the test car Mentor. The location was Parkside Junction and the date, 20th November 2013.
Code - November W10  

DBS class 60, 60020, is up next in Jeff's third pic, number five overall. The working was Preston Docks - Linsey Oil Refinery empty bitumen tanks and the train is held at the signal at Parkside Junction. The pic is dated 20th November 2013.
Code - November W11  


Pics six, seven and eight form one of our much appreciated 'picture stories'. The three shots are from Barry Rigby, his first post for a while. The shots show the 'Cumbrian Jubilee' special which ran Carnforth - Carlisle on the WCML and returned to Hellifield on the S&C.  

Pic number six shows Stanier 'Jubilee' class 4-6-0, No.45699 Galatea, climbing past Greenholme at about 20mph after being put in the loop at Tebay to allow a Pendolino to pass. The pic is dated 9th November 2013.
Code - November A3

The seventh pic features the 'Cumbrian Jubilee' approaching Appleby Station on 9th November 2013.
Code - November A4

Pic number eight was also taken at Appleby as Galatea took on water before leaving on 9th November 2013.
Code - November A5

Ieuan Wood has sent in the next two pics, nine and ten. Pic nine shows  double-heading track machines at Chorlton on 12th November 2013.

Code - November A6

Pic ten from Ieuan features the DRS class 57, 57308, also at Chorlton on the same day, 12th November 2013.

Code - November A7

Ieuan's third pic, number eleven overall, shows GBRf class 66, 66735 in early morning mist on a biomass working at Chorlton. The date was the same again, 12th November 2013.

Code - November A8


Bevan Price has sent in the final two pics numbered twelve and thirteen both taken in Scotland in 1986.

Pic twelve was taken at Helmsdale on 31st August 1986. A BR class 37, 37417 is pictured with an Inverness - Wick service passing Stanier 'Black Five', No.44767, waiting to return south with a railtour.

The thirteenth pic was taken at Inverkeithing on 3rd October 1986. Double heading class 20s are depicted heading a short goods working - they were 20208 and 20220.

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