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Friday, 13 May 2011

Eight Locomotives, One Track Machine

Apologies, but through no fault of my own, the pics and info I posted on 11th May 2011, have disappeared. This is the result of the maintenance team overhauling the 'Blogger' system. So, here we go again, with a repeat (if I can remember what I posted). Because of the huge number of contributions at the present time, today's post - 13th May 2011 - comprises five pics from five different photographers.

Pic number one is from David Wood who hasn't contributed for quite a while. Virgin liveried class 57, 57307 Lady Penelope, is pictured at the lights at Winwick, where it had stopped, on 11th May 2011. It then returned from where it had come from - along the Earlestown line. Driver training was the likely reason.

The second pic is from John Smith. A couple of posts ago I described a pic from Ken Young involving three class 37s heading a single, spent nuclear fuel flask. Well, John Smith has gone one better. In his shot, taken on 11th May 2011, four class 37s are heading a single flask on a Crewe - Sellafield working. The DRS locos are 37608, 37059, 37603 and 37667.

Alan Rigby's shot of Freightliner 'PowerHaul' class 70, 70010, on a standard, southbound coal working, is next - pic number three. The picture was taken at Winwick, on 27th April 2011.  

Pic number four is from Jeff Nicholls. Two WCRC class 47s are in charge of an empty stock move, southbound, through Winwick on 12th May 2011. The locos are 47826, complete with 'Steam to Scarborough' advertising panels, at the head, and 47803 on the tail.

The last, but by no means least of today's pics, is from Ken Young. A rather spectacular, orange track machine of Colas Rail is shown at Red Bank (?). The machine is a Plasser and Theurer, 08-4x4/4S-RT Switch and Crossing Tamper, taking part in the remodelling of Winwick Junction, possibly.

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