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Sunday, 6 September 2015

More Pics from Europe

A few posts ago we featured many pics from Germany and we continue the Continental theme in today's post, 6th September 2015, with five more European Railways' pics included. Seventeen pics from five contributors comprise today's post.


The first five pics in today's post are from David Wood's August trip through Europe. First is a shot of steam locos at Strasshof in Austria  - specific date not provided.

David's second pic features a freight train in Bonn, Germany - specific date not provided.

The third pic was taken at Nuygati Station in Budapest, Hungary - no specific date.

David's fourth shot was taken at Brussels and shows locos 5537 and 6315 - no specific date.

Dresden Station in Germany is the location for the fifth and final shot from David - no specific date provided.

The next shot is from Ieuan Wood. The location was Rainhill, the date was 3rd September 2015 and the loco was GBRf class 66, 66772 on an Ironbridge working.

The next four shots are from Jeff Nicholls. First up is a class 319 in Thameslink colours taken at Red Bank, working empties from Preston to Wolverton. The pic is dated 20th August 2015.

Second shot from Jeff shows GBRf class 66, 66730 Whitemoor, on an Ironbridge - LBT working on 20th August 2015. The location was Earlestown bank and the date, 20th August 2015.

Jeff's third pic, of Class 67, 67014 was taken on 19th August 2015. The 'skip' is shown heading a Chester - Manchester Piccadilly service through Winwick Junction, on 19th August 2015

The final shot from Jeff  features EWS (DBS) class 66, 66056 on an Avonmouth - Clitheroe empty cement tank working at Red Bank on 27th August 2015.

The following three pics are from David Quayle's recent visit to the ELR. First is a shot of the unmodified  Bulleid 'Pacific', 'WC' class, No.34092 City of Wells running as Wells at Bury on 28th August 2015. Note the superb Golden Arrow headboard and arrows on the side panels. Also the French and British flags rising from the buffer beam (caused much consternation in steam days when a flag was  positioned upside down).

The next shot is also of No.34092 but taken at Rawtenstall on the same date.

David's third pic was taken at Bury on the same date. The 'Teddybear', D9531 Ernest, was used at Bury to attach 4 coaches to the back of the train headed by No.34092. The destination was Rawtenstall.

Finally we have four shots from Alan Rigby. First up is a shot taken at Wigan North Western on 27th August 2015. Class 37, 37405 was working Crewe - Carlisle.

Alan's second shot was also taken at Wigan NW on the same date. Pictured is EWS (DBS) class 66, 66056 working Avonmouth - Clitheroe empty cement tanks and Northern class 319, 319365 leaving Wigan for Liverpool Lime street.

Number three from Alan shows class 67, 67014 again, working Manchester Piccadilly - Holyhead, through Winwick, on 11th August 2015.

SRPS Diesel Group's large logo, blue livery, Class 37, 37401 Mary Queen of Scots, is featured in the fourth and final shot from Alan, taken at Winwick on 25th August 2015.

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