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Monday, 3 August 2015

More from Germany

Many photographs taken in Germany have been sent in over the past couple of weeks. As a result, this post, 3rd August 2015, (following on from the previous post) comprises no less than twelve such examples: another from Luxemburg completes a 'baker's dozen'.

Many more pics - some reflecting recent steam specials - have been sent in also. If you have recently sent pics to me please be patient, they will be used shortly.


The first seven pics conclude the selection sent in by Alan Rigby, started two posts ago. First up is an ex DB loco 140 438 at Gremberg Yard on 7th July 2015.

Next is another ex DB loco in EGP livery, 140 857, at Hamburg Harburg on 10th July 2015.

Third up from Alan is  loco 145 087 in Railinvest livery at Hamburg Harburg on the same date, 10th July 2015.

Alan's fourth shot features loco 146 502 in Metronom Advertising livery working Hamburg-Bremen. The location was Hamburg Harburg and the date, 10th July 2015.

Number five shows loco 182 510 in Tx Logistik livery at Wurzburg on 8th July 2015.

Loco 193 842 in Box Xpress livery is up next, taken at Gremberg Yard on 8th July 2015.

The final shot from Alan depicts loco 482 039 in Swiss Cargo livery  at Cologne West on 7th July 2015.

The next six shots are from Jeff Nicholls. The first four pics show freight trains on the Hangviadukt at Punderich in the Mosel Valley. The viaduct runs through vineyards and is 782m long. It has viewing platforms at either end; the Mosel river can be seen in the pics.

The first pic shows loco 145 049-3 05 at the viaduct on 29th July 2015.

Jeff's second shot features loco 152 208-7 at the same location on the same date, 29th July 2015.

The third shot taken at Punderich Viadukt shows loco 185 036-1 on 23rd July 2015.

The final shot taken at the Viadukt depicts loco 2304 a CFL (Chemins de Fer Luxembourgeois) so-called 'Kiss' unit on a Luxembourg - Koblenz service on 29th July 2015.

At Gerolstein there is a small railway museum which houses many old German  railcars. Two run on Saturdays on the main line to Bitburg-Erdorf where the power unit has to run round the trailer car, as in the photo, number five from Jeff.

Jeff's last shot in this post features CFL loco 3019 on the rear of a service to Kleinbettingen on 20th July 2015.

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