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Sunday, 19 May 2013

Three Steam, Six Diesel Classes.

Thirteen more pics in today's post, 19th May 2013, from seven contributors. As the title describes, three steam and six diesel classes are represented.
First up are three pics from Jeff Nicholls. Pic one features John Cameron's 'Streak', one of Gresley's finest, No. 60009 Union of South Africa. The loco was working day 5 of the 'Cathedrals Explorer' - Bangor - Hexham. Jeff's pic is dated 13th May 2013 and the location was Golborne.
Code - May W7
Jeff's next, pic number two, shows two DRS class 37s which were around recently with a Network Rail working. They were 37602T and T37610. The location was Winwick and the date, 8th May 2013.
Code - May W8
Pic number three, also from Jeff, features the 'Deltic' class 55, 55022 Royal Scots Grey at Parkside Junction on 24th April 2013.The loco was about to take the Parkside East curve on its way from the ELR to Glasgow Works.
Ieuan Wood has sent in the following two pics. The first, pic number four, shows a Network Rail measurement train passing through Winwick on 12 April 2013. At the head was class 31, 31285. The pic is dated 12th May 2013.
Code - May W9

Pic number five, also from Ieuan, features EWS (DBS) class 66, 66162 on an engineers working through Winwick on 12th May 2013.
Code - May W10
Pics six and seven have been sent in by Geoff Monks. Pic six shows the Mossend - Daventry intermodal with the Malcolm liveried DRS class 66, 66434, at the head.
Code - May W11
Pic seven shows the Celebrity 'Tug' No.60074 Teenage Spirit passing through Winwick on 13th may 2013. The working was LBT-FFPS coal. The 'Tug' represents the Teenage Cancer Trust.
Code - May W12
The Thompson 'B1' class 4-6-0, No.60103 Mayflower, pictured twice in the previous post, is next , pic number eight. The loco is pictured with support coach at Winwick on 1st May 2013.  
 Code - May W13

Pics nine and ten have been sent in by Matthew Chambers. Pic nine shows a couple of class 20s, 20142 and 20189 at the Swanage Railway (Nordon) on 11th May 2013. The latter is used to haul London Underground units around the rail network and was painted in its current livery to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the London Underground Network.
Code - May A5
Pic ten features another class 20, 20227 also in London Underground livery with class 20, 20189. The location was Swanage again and the date, 11th May 2013.
Code - May A6
Our eleventh pic is from Jeff Nicholls. This is a shot from Toton taken on 10th May 2013. In the picture are EWS (DBS) class 60s, 60051, 60022 and 60052 (behind) all in store and class 08, 08994 with its cut down cab from when it worked in South Wales on the ex Burry Port and Gwyndraeth Railway.
 Code - May A7

Pic number twelve shows the ex SR Bulleid 'WC' class 4-6-2, No.34067 Tangmere, at Peak Rail on 14th April 2013. The loco had hauled a railtour from Kings Cross. The pic is from Bob McClellan.
Our final shot is from David Quayle, one of his pics from the April, Llangollen Railway Gala. Pictured is Stanier 'Black Five' 4-6-0, No.44806, leaving Glyndyfrdwy for Carrog on 20th April 2013.
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