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Sunday, 3 March 2013

Winning Photographs and Photographers for 2012

Today's post, March 3rd 2013, is rather special. Here are the winners of the 2012 competitions for : Photographer of the Year, Winwick; Photographer of the Year, Alternative UK & World; Photograph of the Year, Winwick; Photograph of the Year, Alternative UK & World. Voting finished on 28th February 2013.
PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR 2012 - WINWICK. (Total points gained over the twelve monthly competitions)
Winner : Jeff Nicholls (128 points). 2nd place : John Smith (99 points). 3rd place Bob McClellan (96 points).
 PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR 2012 - ALTERNATIVE UK & WORLD. (Total points gained over the twelve monthly competitions)
Winner : Bob McClellan (101 points). 2nd place David Quayle (90 points). 3rd place Geoff Monks (78points). 
PHOTOGRAPH OF THE YEAR 2012 - WINWICK. (The winning photograph from the twelve monthly winners). 
Winner : Dave Platt (Pic number W5, 23 points). 2nd place Colin Platt (Pic number W4, 15points). 3rd place John Smith (Pic number W8, 10 points). 13 pics from an entry of 14, received at least 1 point.
W5.  The shot by yours truly shows  the 'Castle to Scotland' charter passing through Red Bank on 26th May 2012. At the head is Charles Collett's ex GWR 'Castle' class 4-6-0 loco, No.5043 Earl of Mount Edgcumbe. The headboard reads 'The Caledonian'. This loco was built in 1936 and originally named Barbury Castle. She was renamed in 1937.
 PHOTOGRAPH OF THE YEAR 2012 - ALTERNATIVE UK & WORLD (The winning photograph from the twelve monthly winners). 
Winner : Andy Parkinson (Pic number A12, 17 points). 2nd place Alan Rigby (Pic number A2, 13 points). 3rd place Colin Platt  (Pic number 10c, 10 points). 14 pics from an entry of 15, received at least 1 point) 
A12. Andy's shot was taken on 13th December 2012. The location was Astley and the temperature, sub zero, but the Stanier 'Black Five' looks superb set against frost and blue sky. The loco is No.44871 with support coach working Castleton Hopwood Groundframe (ELR) - Kidderminster (SVR) to help out with the Santa Specials.
Congratulations to our four winners. I will be publishing two separate posts comprising notes about the photographic careers of Jeff Nicholls and Bob McClellan, the two Photographers of the Year, 2012, in the near future. They will be, hopefully, posts similar to that I published for Geoff Monks last year (Photographer of the Year, 2011).
The next post will comprise the winners of the January 2013 monthly competitions.
It is sad that we could did not gain any sponsorship for our competitions when one considers the number of hits that the blog receives and the links/adverts that could be added in recognition of such support.  If anyone has any ideas along these lines, please let me know.

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