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Friday, 30 November 2012

A Tale of Two 'Tugs'

Todays's post, 30th November 2012, features a picture-story of two DBS 'Tugs', in Arpley Yard.


Pics one and two are from Bob McClellan. The first was taken at Arpley on 27th November 2012 and shows DBS class 60, 60040 The Territorial Army Centenary, (at the rear) parked up with a loaded coal train. It was very close, too close in fact to a junction, and when DBS 'Tug' 60019 Port of Grimsby and Immingham arrived to get onto the adjacent track, 'Tug' 40 had to be reversed a little to allow its classmate through. 

Code - November W15

Pic number two of Bob's shows 'Tug' 40 leaving Arpley (for FFPS) after the event. Same date obviously, 27th November 2012.

Code - November W16

DBS 'Tug' 60019 Port of Grimsby and Immingham is shown next in pic number three from Jeff Nicholls.The loco is pictured on the north bank of the River Mersey on 28th November 2012.

Code - November W17

Pic number four is from Ieuan Wood and features yet another tug on our patch, 60079, on a coal working at Winwick. Ieuan's pic is dated 21st November 2012.

Code - November W18

EWS (DBS) class 66, 66199, is up next in shot number five from David Wood. The loco is heading a gypsum working through Winwick on 15th November 2012.

 Code - November W19

The early morning 'Tesco Express' is featured next, pic number six from Jeff Nicholls. Now in the hands of DRS, the working was headed by double heading class 66s, 66303 and 66431 . The pic was taken at Red Bank on 12th November 2012.

Code - November W20

The next very special pic has been sent in by Rachel Colvil. When our dear friend and colleague Ray Whitfield passed away in March, a fund was set up to provide a bench in his honour. Rachel has emailed me with two pics of the completed bench which I have montaged into a single shot for the blog.  The location for Ray's bench is Ladywood Green, Westbrook, Warrington. Ray's wife Olive sends her heartfelt thanks to everyone who donated.


Pics eight and nine are both from Matthew Chambers. Pic eight shows class 09 diesel shunter 09019 in Mainline Freight Company's 'aircraft blue' livery. The shot was taken at Burton on 10th November 2012.

Code - November A8

Also taken at Burton was pic number nine featuring five class 56s standing in a line. They were 56051, 56007, 56081, 56065 and 56060. All are in Fertis grey livery. All are in private ownership (Ed Stevenson) I think. Matthew's pic is dated 10th November 2012.
Code - November A9

The final pic is from David Quayle. Depicted are ex SR 'T9' class 4-4-0 No. 30120 and ex SR 'U' class 2-6-0 31806. The location was Bewdley on the SVR and the date, 21st September 2012.

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REMEMBER : October was a huge month for the 'Alternative Pics' section with so many Gala shots covered. With this in mind I will use the top two pictures for 'Pic of the Year', Alternatives 2012 from the monthly October competition. This means that at the end of the year thirteen pics will qualify for the Alternatives title rather than twelve.

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