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Thursday, 14 October 2010

Five photographers; Two 'Tugs'

Today's post (14th October 2010) comprises six pics of class 60 locomotives (two of them) from five different contributors. I am forced to use so many pics in a single post because of the huge number of contributions I am receiving currently (keep them coming) but this also means a reduction in text space. All six pics reflect the current renaissance of 'Tugs' on coal hopper traffic (empty or loaded) through 'our patch'.The first two pics both show EWS (DBS) class 60, 60013 Robert Boyle. Pic one is from David Wood, taken at Winwick on 13th October 2010.
Geoff Monks has sent in pic number two featuring the same locomotive. This was shot as the coal working approached Bank Quay on 11th October 2010.
Spot the difference between the two pics of 60013? Look at the nameplates. Anyone with any info' let me know. (*see below) The next four pics all show the Load Haul liveried (dark grey/orange) class 60, 60059 Swinden Dalesman, taken at different locations. Pic three is from Bob McClellan and depicts the coal working at Winwick on 12th October 2010.
The fourth pic is from Andy Appleton. 60059 is heading the coal train on the low level line at Arpley Juntion (by Bank Quay) in Andy's pic - it was taken on 11th October 2010.
The fifth pic is from Geoff Monks again. In this shot 60059 is approaching the Mersey Bridge at Latchford; note the semaphore signal. The pic is dated 11th October 2010.
The sixth and last pic is from Chris Sutcliffe. This different shot shows the same locomotive and coal working crossing the Sankey Canal at Sankey Bridges on 5th October 2010. Chris last posted in June, so welcome back Chris.
Can we please put this 'Tug/coal working' to bed now, for a few days, at least.
* Info just in from Bob McClellan (15th) - "The nameplates on this 'Tug' have had different coloured backgrounds for years. I have shots of it in 2005. It is one of the 'special' features of this locomotive, together with having nameplates at all and holding on to two of them". Many thanks Bob.

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